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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cherry Harvest


We picked the first phase of our cherry harvest on the 12th of June, almost two weeks later than we would normally expect to do so. Last year they were ready well before the end of May, but we were told by our neighbours that it was not advisable to harvest them before June 1st.

What a difference the weather can make.





We picked around twenty kilos from this massive old tree this year, but you can see from this photo that they are not as healthy looking as you would normally expect them to be.



You will notice the difference if you take a look at last years photos. Cherry Harvest May/June 2009


The second phase of the cherry harvest on June 15th we were lucky enough to have the help of my sister and her husband who are here on holiday at the moment. There are a few more photos of the harvest on Flickr


Unfortunately in this second batch, a different variety from the previous ones we found some of these rather unwelcome bugs. I dread to think how many I may have consumed without realising, well you are supposed to eat some while you are picking surely? Somehow I now wish that maybe I had not done so! I do not appear to have come to any harm though as this was a few days ago.

Oh my don't they look disgusting!!


Sadly the majority of these beautiful cherries were wasted. You can see the holes in some of them!


We think it was a combination of too much rain and not enough sun that ruined our cherries this year. We were fortunate that we picked twenty kilos in the first batch which we have enjoyed fresh and frozen in batches for use throughout the year. We still have jam and bottled cherries left from last year as well which was a really magnificent crop.

Lets hope for a better spring weather-wise and therefore a healthier crop next year.  At least we can now understand why the cherries are so expensive this year with such wastage, 7 Euros a kilo in the markets and shops.


  1. Wow how amazing to have so many cherries growing in your own garden! I'm so looking forward to actually planting some plants in the ground at the weekend!

    Such a shame that you didn't get such a great crop but it's better than nothing I suppose. Those bugs are disgusting - are they there just from the damp weather, can you prevent them next year?

    How did you bottle the cherries? In a sugar syrup or alcohol? I saw you photos on Flickr they're really lovely, the colour of the cherries are so beautiful.

    Have a lovely day,

  2. I am surprised you are this late. All our cherries have long gone and finished. I have to say thankfully not a bug in sight :) Diane

  3. Here is my comment ...

    Hello Linda.. oh such a shame about your cherries, but as you say you did mangage to get 20 kilos in the first batch, excellent work.

    7 Euros is about 5 pounds 70 pence.. I think.. I must check how much ours are here... !

  4. oh gosh, what a disappointment about the ruined cherries. I hope your harvest is better next year. I still think it's amazing that you got so many!

  5. That's amazing that the weather can affect them so much. Must be heartbreaking to wait all year, but at least you have the first batch. Hope your weekend is full of more pleasant discoveries!

  6. Nearly 20 kilos!!! Our single cherry tree barely gave us anything this year. You are so right on the weather being to blame...the cherries on our tree were so sickly looking...and the bugs! Hopefully 2011 will be a better and healthier yield.

  7. Jade - Yes we are very lucky to have inherited such a mature and much loved garden, unlike yours. Not sure what caused the bugs or how to prevent them! Last year we bottled cherries both ways, this year we have just frozen them, not enough to make it worth bottling. We still have some left from last year luckily which still seem fine. The colours are fabulous I agree.
    Diane - This year it was unusually late to be picking cherries here.
    Anne - We did well to get as many as we did and they will last through until next year. Did you find out UK prices, as I would be interested in comparison.
    Alissa and Georgianna - We were happy with the crop, it is just a shame to see ruined fruit!
    Rowena - We have two very big and well established trees, one of each variety. We are so lucky to have a well loved old garden in this new to us home. Fingers crossed for 2011, how old is your tree?

  8. Hey, those cherries look good!! I absolutely love cherries - and they have such a short season here and are so expensive to buy - but of course here (and presumably there too??) there is a huge risk of them being eaten by birds and the trees need to be netted. Anyway, I hope you are enjoying them!

  9. Maggie - The undamaged ones were delicious. we did not need to net either of our trees, they are so huge we can afford for the birds to enjoy a few.


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