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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Garden In June - Il Nostro Giardino in Giugno


How can it be the end of June already?  It is the time once again for me to share some of my favourite garden photos from the last month with you, selecting just a few from the many I have taken over the last few weeks. I think I went rather overboard this month as I have to select my favourites from a total of 207 in all!    

The interested gardeners and photographers amongst you will find the full album on Flickr.  Our Garden in June

Here are my favourite 12 photographs from the month of June for you to enjoy. I found it very difficult to choose so they are smaller than normal, which I do not think does them full justice. You know where to look if you want to see them in their full glory. These are definitely my favourites today but if I look again tomorrow I think some of them would be different.  My extra special favourite this month has already been shared with you here, the last photo in my Cherry Harvest post and also on Beautiful World the new collective blog that I am contributing to.

I will also post one of my choices today over on Beautiful World why not go over there and see which one it is when you have a minute or two to spare.

Kiwi Flower



Sweet Chestnut Blossom



First ripe  tomatoes of the season


Our smaller Orto


Magnolia Tulip Tree

Cactus flower

A full selection of photos I have taken in our garden this month can be viewed at  Flickr.com


  1. Wait– that was the SMALLER orto? I'm afraid to ask about the latger one (afraid of my own devouring envy, that is)

    I've always thought the kiwi plant to be incredibly ornamental. Now I see its flowers are stunning too.

    Love this set, love love love it!!

  2. Hi Linda .. What a beautiful garden you have :-) it is wonderful. Your photos are just beautiful too,

    My garden is a bit of a state at the moment, lots of other things to do .. also need to sort out the soil as we had to remove lots of trees, between us and the neighbours.. not sure how to spell it, you know the Llylandi ones, the trouble makers, so our soil is not good.

    Thank you for your comment , sorry not replied.. yes still on Postcrossing, its slow but that is fine.. I have loads now, take care Anne

  3. Your orto looks really orderly Linda, I think we could take some hints from you! And those tomatoes look so tasty.

  4. I just love the cactus flower but they are all beautiful. You have ripe tomatoes, I don't :( I picked my first chillies though today and there are a couple of peppers almost ready. I am starting to be out numbered by the courgettes. Different types, some round, some long and some green or yellow. Wonder if I can grow kiwi fruit, the pictures fascinate me. Diane

  5. Oh, those photos are beautiful. I think my favourites have to be the Magnolia and Apricots, just stunning. You are so lucky to live where you do, I wish I could be there...sigh...Love from (hot) London x

  6. OH! I'm loving it all, flowers and fruit, and even the promises of fruit.

  7. I can see why your favorites might change from day to day. The apricots look like a garland of apricots I recently saw that was made by a lady that arranges tables for parties. Fruits and vegetables are her specialties.
    Your pictures are always spectacular. Thanks for sharing them.

  8. OMG!! I can't believe how beautiful your garden it! I LOVE seeing all the pics... I esp. LOVE the cactus pic at the end of the post~~

    You're surrounded by natural beauty!!!!

    Take care,

  9. Gorgeous flowers!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoy reading your stories about life in Italy...wish I was there! My family is from Valentano and Viterbo...close to your location.
    Have a great summer,
    Stella xx

  10. Those are so beautiful!

    The bamboo does not "need" any of the extra fertilizer, it just uses the excrement in a different way...generating more oxygen than other plants.

    I have read there are many sanitation places that are going to use the bamboo trees soon. The tree displaces the contaminated conditions, and cleans it like nothing else that they have found thus far.

    Bamboo trees grow wild around here too. They can take over your yard if you are not diligent about containing them in one area.

  11. Linda,your pictures are amazing and your garden looks absolutely beautiful.......forse la prossima settimana andremo a Marta......spero!!

  12. linda, your fotos are gorgeous and your garden looks amazing. Forse, la prossima settimana andremo a Marta.

  13. I love the Kiwi flower. I've never seen one.

  14. Oh what lovely photos! Your garden is really super.

  15. A big thankyou to you all for your comments, it is so nice to read when someone gets pleasure from my posts. So many which is great but difficult to reply individually so unless you asked a specific question I won't but you all know I care.
    Eleonora - the larger one is looking rather scruffy and unloved this year, despite all good intentions.
    Carol - Maybe we will finally get to meet up then?


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