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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Song – Halloween – Gianni Gandi - Autumn Leaves


HalloweenPhoto from Wikipedia

It is Halloween today but we personally do not celebrate. This stems from the fact that one of our daughters went to a Church of England  school where the beliefs of the particular headmistress of the era were against any form of Halloween celebrations at the school, during her time there. Therefore ‘trick and treating’ was not something our daughters grew up with.

Christian attitudes to Halloween are quite diverse with many seeing no negative significance to a day devoted to playing games and dressing up as ghosts, witches and devils once a year as those taking part are learning about death, mortality and ancient traditions.

Other Christians feel concerned about Halloween because they feel it celebrates paganism, the occult and other similar practices that are not in line with their beliefs.  Some consider Halloween to be completely incompatible with the Christian faith because of its origin as a pagan festival.

European traditions often mark the celebrations of Halloween,October 31st All Saints November 1st and All Souls' Day November 2nd as three different events.  In fact All Saints is a public holiday in Italy.

First then for Sunday Song this week for those that celebrate Halloween a suitably ghoulish video.


Courtesy of Torchwood001

Followed by something altogether different. 


Courtesy of mediterraneosproduct

                            Cover of CD published 2007                                                                                           Gianni Gandi@ Facebook



I have been unable to locate much biographical information about Gianni apart from the facts that he was born in Reggio di Calabria, Italy, now lives in Rome, Italy and is single.

He graduated from the University of Messina in Music in 1980. A composer, arranger and musician, playing both piano and guitar his music ranges from classical to jazz. He has produced scores for many television channels, radio and films, composed over 500 songs and released over thirty CD’s.

It is with the help of information from the following sites that I have researched and produced this post. Wikipedia – Halloween, Jazz Italia, Facebook, My Space - Gianni Gandi, You Tube,

More Sunday Songs can be found by visiting 5 Minutes Just for Me

Buono Domenica a Tutti


  1. Halloween makes me sick, thanks for the jazz session ;)

  2. I don't really hold any childhood memories of Halloween and don't really care - a bit "each to their own"...I did some trick-or-treating with my son when he was young and at the same time he went to a Catholic school, but they were quite happy with the children dressing up etc...so all-in-all it's not a subject I get overly worked up over - which makes this comment seem rather long ;-) I simply like it from a purely decorative point of view and I like the pumpkins with candles in them.

    Thanks for your comments this week. I feel bad for not visiting other blogs very often at the moment, but I have a huge project for work with a mad deadline and even had to bring work home for the weekend...so I'm swamped with not much time for anything else...

    Have a lovely Sunday, Love from London x

  3. I thought the first video was interesting, but I am not an observer of Halloween. But I really liked the jazz song - thanks Linda.

  4. I didn't grow up with Halloween, but I like the dressing up part, it's, I think, fun to do! Thanks for visiting me and enjoy the weekend! Maureen

  5. I also liked the jazz song. It's amazing how Halloween has really grown into such a huge thing now over here in England - really, just over the past few years, with all the major Supermarkets selling aisles full of Halloween goodies, dressing up outfits etc. It's come over from America, the same as the lighting up of the outside of houses at Christmas time, which, again, has grown into a huge thing over the past few years. I love the pumpkins with the candles in and think it's something nice for the little ones. For the adults, I think it's another excuse for a party or celebration, and why not?!

  6. I don't remember going trick-or-treating as a child, I don't have any moral objections to Hallowe'en I just don't really "get" it. Bonfire night has always been the one I celebrated at this time of year. But I do like pumpkin lanterns :)

  7. Well, we had the house decorated and candy waiting..ONE little boy showed up with his parents..Of course we knew them..Our street is very dark and kind of dangerous for children walking. Had the lights on hoping for a few more children..Gee, now we have to eat the candy..ha, ha..
    Enjoyed the videos..Autumn Leave was just beautiful and will look for this man's work..
    The only one I know that played that was Roger Willams..I mean, many have done the recording, but he was known for it..Thanks for sharing your
    taste in music..wonderful again..

  8. Halloween was a fun night when I was growing up. Carnivals at some of the schools, parties at many places, and of course trick-or-treating.
    I understand people's objections, but I am sorry that many can not see the fun in it. I do have friends that can not understand my taking my little ones (when they little) about the neighborhood for candy, etc. It is a night full of make believe, ghost stories, and of course candy.
    I too posted the "this is halloween song."

  9. Another interesting post Linda-thank you!

    We have only just started getting into Halloween here in Australia over the last 5 years or so. Like you said some people hate it over here but not because of the pagan side of things but simply because it is an American thing. I enjoy watching the kids dress up, meet new friends and get to know their neighbours so I don't have a problem with it.

    Having said all of this I think I liked the jazz music the best today!

    Thanks for posting 2 songs today!

    Best wishes,

  10. Alessandra - Glad you liked the jazz then :)

    Mademoiselle P - Thanks for taking the time in your busy schedule to comment it is appreciated. I agree about pumpkins with candles, as I love anything with candles.

    Cathy - I loved the jazz and am so pleased to
    have discovered Gianni's music.

    Daydream Living - Lovely to see you here and commenting, thanks Maureen.

    Thisisme - Yes I think it is partly the commercialism that irks me as well, candles in any form I love. Glad you enjoyed the jazz.

    Rachel - Bonfire night of course, but what a shame it has to be in November, fireworks are so much more fun here in Italy, during the warm summer months :)

    Rosebud - I was very interested that you had heard Autumn Leaves performed by another artist. I must say I am very taken with Gianni's music now I have found it!

    Mya - Snap, that we posted the same tune for Halloween.

    Natasha - Commercialism :( I am pleased that you found the post interesting and that you enjoyed the jazz. Have a good week x

  11. Linda great songs!I love jazz! Here in Greece we celebrate Holloween around February - March (depends of the Easter - the same time with Brazil).
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your comment. I really like Italy I have been there 4 times. Last time was 4 months ago (Rome)!
    I became a follower.

  12. Maria - Welcome to News From Italy as a new follower and I enjoyed reading your comment, I learn something new every day. Until you get to visit Italy again I will enjoy sharing my little piece of Italy with you.


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