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Monday, October 18, 2010



Today has been designated a special day to bring together all the Think Pink posts that are appearing all over the blogsphere by an Italian Blog Mamma Felice  to help promote that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

www.nastrorosa.it Breast Cancer Awareness Month started

I posted my own Think Pink post ten days ago but to show my support to all these other wonderful bloggers I decided that I should participate today and publish here a list of some of the participating blogs. The full list to include Italian bloggers can be found here in the post Revolution in Pink Mamma Felice by clicking on the blue link.

I will not reproduce my post here again today, just this beautiful photo of my Favourite Pink Rose which I included in my original Think Pink post and a link back to the post which I hope you will be able to go and take a look at if if you have not already done so.

News From Italy - Think Pink

Here then is the list of participating bloggers that are taking part in todays Revolution in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

List kindly co-ordinated for us by Rosa of  www.bellavventura.blogspot.com

News From Italy - Think Pink

Anne from Oxfordshire

Ciao Amalfi

Bell'Avventura Tripping Through Life

My Bella Vita

On my way 2 work and Other Stuff

Maremma Guide


Modenus Blog

Aglio Olio e Peperoncino

Frutto della Passione

Bleeding Espresso


Thanks everyone for participating, for reading these listed posts and for any little bit you can do to help raise Breast Cancer Awareness.



  1. Thanks for joining in Linda!
    Do you know the name of that rose? It's beautiful...

  2. Hi Linda, wonderful post, I am so pleased that Rosa could get us altogether on this ... now what we need is a BLOGGER meet up :-)have a great week.

  3. Such a beautiful flower, and thank you for the reminder to spread awareness. I'll be checking out the other blogs listed soon. Have a wonderful week!

  4. That rose looks good enough to eat (is that weird?) :-) So glad you joined in today!

  5. Scintilla - It is a pleasure to support such a good cause. Sorry I do not know the name, it is an old plant that was already in our garden when we moved in.
    Anne - Absolutely and what a great idea!
    Cherrye - I was happy to join in. I think I know what you mean it looks like one of those edible roses you sometimes see on cakes :)

  6. Leanne - I missed replying to your comment just now I apologise. Thankyou for calling by and I hope you find the other blog posts interesting.

  7. What a great cause..My daughter turned her facebook picture pink for the month..What a wonderful way to keep us all aware for this terrible disease..

  8. That's a beautiful rose. I missed your original post, so I'll go and read it now.

  9. Excellent post and such an important cause! Hope you are well! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  10. What a gorgeous rose!! Two posts are better than one for such an important cause. :-)

  11. Cheers to all our friends who successfully fought breast cancer, and a salute to those who have passed. It is a tough disease, I wish it could be banished. Yes, great cause.

  12. Such a beautiful rose. Thank you for this post. My Mother was just diagnosed with bowel cancer.

  13. Rosebud - It is wonderful to see so much support all over the social media and networking sites.
    Welshcakes - Thankyou, it is a beautiful rose I agree.
    Rachel - As I have just said I agree.
    Mama Hen - Thankyou, yes very important to us all.
    Laura - Why Thankyou :)
    Angela - It is a disease that hits so many sadly, but can by many be beaten.
    Rambling Tart - I am so sorry to hear your news, my thoughts are with you and your Mum.

  14. Cancer, a word of universal fear. Hopefully, one day closer to a cure, better treatment, perhaps a preventative.
    Your rose is beautiful - needs to be on the front of a crad.

  15. Mya -Unfortunately yes fear into the hearts of us all especially to those of us who have friends and family we have lost to this disease. You are right the rose would look good on a card, I wonder if it is possible?

  16. Rocio - Welcome as my latest follower, lovely to see you here and thanks for commenting.

  17. A beautiful rose, stunning. I've kind of "missed the boat" here with the pink posts, but I'm really happy to see them everywhere else as it's such an important campaign and something so scary...

    Thanks for the compliment by the way, no, I don't know either how I'm still posting daily, I have to admit that my comments are currently fewer simply because I cannot find the time...It's mad really.

    Anyway, have a good end of the week, Love from London xo

  18. Mademoiselle P - It is such a gorgeous rose, good to see you here, you must be very organised with your time management. Take Care and have a good weekend.


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