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Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Foto - Magnolia


Happy Easter to you all.

This photo was my 'Today' when I posted it 'Nature oh so beautiful'.

I have been encouraged to enter this photo to a competition called 'Today' at a great photographic blog website Communal global


  1. Hello Linda, Happy Easter to you too! Well it is a typical Holiday weekend here .. RAIN!! I am stuck indoors, ..

    Love your photo :-)

  2. YAY Spring!!! A beautiful flower!!! These trees are blooming all over the place now....
    Happy Easter to you!

  3. Good Morning Sweetie...
    You are so right. How magnificent is this beautiful tree. The blooms are just opening, and I bet the smell is absolutely wonderful. I could be content to be right under this tree in a hammock and watch beauty come to life. It is truly GORGEOUS. Thank you for sharing.

    You should pop over to Claudia's and add your link so that you can share this beauty with each and everyone that comes to the Blog post. They would so love your post too.

    Happy Easter sweetie. Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

  4. Happy Easter to you!!!! Are you going to have a feast? We usually go south for the holiday but this year we are staying up north...which means Piemontese food. I won't complain as I am not cooking! :-)

  5. I love magnolias. They always make me think of home as my parents have a lovely one in their front garden.

  6. I love magnolia... it is such a beautiful flowers . I have a blog to keeping post my friend and family about my London life... and my article as well

    you got a really nice blog


  7. Those magnolia buds are just lovely!!

    Happy Easter.

  8. I'm delighted that you decided to enter the contest! And this is such a lovely image to share--so full of hope and expectation! Thank you!

    Happy Easter!

  9. WOW thats just amazing looking!

  10. Beautiful picture - this is like a poster - and surely a scream saver ;)

  11. beautiful purple flower. GORGEOUS.

  12. I had a tree similar to that in New Orleans! I loved the first buds. Actually all of them! Here in Central America, our seasons are quite different. It's very dry so it's only the mango trees that are nice now. Full of fruit. Good shot.

  13. Beautiful. Nice to meet you. Come see, we are having a music giveaway.

  14. this is a GREAT Photo. i love it. i wish you luck in the photo contest. you can view my entry over at

  15. Great trees and so pretty in bloom.

  16. Came over from blogfrog. Love this picture. Absolutely great. Whilst you moved fromt he USA to Italy I will move from Marbella via Munich to Tampa Florida to marry my American partner. For sure I visit you again.

  17. Wow, I do not think I have ever had so many comments about one post before.

    I am so pleased that I decided to share the Magnolia bloom with you.

    Thankyou you all so much for your lovely comments which are so appreciated :)

  18. So beautiful...I think it's a tulip tree. Mumzie

  19. http://www.wcisel.com/plants/tuliptree/index.htm

    Looking at this link, it seems the Tulip Tree is in the Magnolia family Mumzie :)

    Welcome to my blog.

  20. Thanks so much for joining us in FFB :)

    Your beauty is wonderful!

    Love your blog... looking forward to much more.


  21. Welcome to my blog glenda09, hope to see you here again. I did enter the competition :)


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