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Monday, April 12, 2010

Residency Certificate Part Two


This will make sense to anyone who has read the first post Residency Certificate

As instructed last week we presented ourselves at the Anagrafe office in Viterbo this morning. We were there when the office opened at 10am so there were not too many people in front of us and we were seen very quickly, within a quarter of an hour.

Having explained why we were there, we were checked on the office computer and told the good news. We are now officially registered residents of Viterbo as we show up on the computer records. Ah, says the man behind the desk, that  means we now need another bolletino for 14.62 Euros for each of you to complete the application, oh and ten euro cash as well.

Ok we think a quick trip to the Tobacconist for the stamps and we will get our certificate, that's fine. There is one conveniently just across the square so that took just a few minutes and we were back in the cubicle again. Stamps and cash were handed over and the official disappeared for a few minutes, phew nearly there we thought.

Well I know that you didn't believe that it was going to be that simple, neither did we, after all we live here! Yes he returned with two copies of the document he had attached the stamps to, for us to take away with us. Our instructions were to return in three months with one copy to collect our new residency certificate. Three months, I know and this was just a move within Italy from one commune to another!

The other copy, well you will recall from Part One that they were thinking about renewing our ID cards early as they have our nationality wrong!  We are to report to another office in the same building to start the process for this, however we were unable to go today as the photos we handed in last October are no longer in the file. It seems best to assume that they have not been handed over to the relevant office, so the ID card process will have to wait for us to take another trip to Viterbo armed with photos and other relevant information we think they might ask us for.

At least now we have a piece of paper that proves we live in Viterbo so that if we want to find a local doctor to register with we can do so. Somehow though I think both of us are hoping we will not need to do that just at the moment as we know it will need yet more form filling and lots of patience!

We will start with sorting out the ID cards for now, after all what is the point of trying to do everything at once.


  1. Oh my...looks like you do need a whole lot of patience for this process. I thought getting a passport in the US was hard. Yvonne

  2. So nice to know what we may have to look forward to. Better stop talking about how easy our PdiS process is going. We still have to pick them up in 3 weeks. Ugggghhhh!

  3. It was easier last time round in Vetralla, but Viterbo is a large city! If our house was a few metres to the west we would be living in the considerably smaller commune of Marta :)

  4. Hello Lindy Lou,
    After reading about your "trials and tribulations" I am not going to gripe about red tape in the U.S. - at least not for a little while. Afterall, no complaints might be mistaken to be agreement.
    Here's hoping that the project outside your house will be completed sooner than the preocedures at the government office, and that the changes will be to your liking.

  5. You're right not to try to do everything at once -- it's clear that the Italians don't! But how crazy to have to wait so long for your residency certificate. Mine was printed and stamped in about 10 minutes flat! They called the police who are supposed to check up on you at your home, and when they heard I live half way up a mountain with no vehicle access they rubber stamped the application without further ado! Mind you, they gave me the runaround for my second permesso di soggiorno. I think I paid for bolletini for the whole family (and stuck them onto the forms) before finally being told at the 12th visit (oh yes) that as an EU citizen I just need a piece of paper saying I don't need a permesso di soggiorno...

  6. Oh! That sounds so stressful! I have friends that are missionaries and they tell stories like this all the time. I can't imagine! : ) Glad you are now legal : )

  7. Mya and L with K - Welcome and thanks for commenting.

    Louise - It took the police from October to January to come and check up on us! Certainly easier last time round it seems to vary so much from commune to commune, as they all have different interpretations on what is required.

  8. I can only admire your patience. I am speechless!!! However, keep trying and one day you will be fully legimitate!!! Sorry I haven't had time to look at any of the Hong Kong stuff yet - but I will, never fear


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