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Monday, April 19, 2010

Julie and Julia : The Film



Having read a review of this film on another blog I had added it to My Wishlist. So when I was walking past our hire shop Video Planet in Marta a few days ago and seeing it on the new arrivals advertising board, how could I not go in and see if it was actually available.

Thankyou so much for the review Susie Vereker and  for drawing my attention to this brilliant funny film, which is based on the true stories of the two protagonists. I was in just the mood where I needed cheering up and this film certainly had the required result. Just click on her name to visit Susie's Blog and enjoy her review.

There were so many aspects of this film that I enjoyed that although I do not normally write about films on my Blog for this one I have made an exception. 

Meryl Streep, a favourite actress of mine played post war housewife, Julia Child who whilst living with her embassy working husband in Paris studies Cordon Bleu Cookery and goes on to write a book 'Mastering the Art of French Cookery' for the American market.

Julie Powell is the 21st century blogger who challenges herself to cook recipes from 'Mastering the Art of French Cookery' over the period of one year and write about her experiences in a Blog at the same time.

 Julie/Julia Project Clicking this link will take you to the Blog that Julie Powell wrote at the time of the project.

 What Could Happen    Clicking this second link will take you to her current Blog

Julia Child  Clicking this link will take you to Biographical information about Julia her


I thought my blog readers would be interested in Julie and Julia (2009) as the film covers both blogging and cooking both subjects that many of you are keen on!

Here to tempt you further is the link to the Trailer on You Tube


  1. I loved this film. I got the chance to see it in the cinema when I was in Australia last year. I love Meryl Streep and I am a big fan of Amy Adams. And it was really interesting from the blogging perspective, and also the food perspective.

  2. I enjoyed the movie as well! And, it renewed my creative cooking energy...

  3. I saw this in the theater with my Mom & sister and we all loved it and laughed so hard! Just thinking about Meryl saying "Bouf" makes me want to laugh!

  4. People seem to either really love this film or hate it! I was really eager to see it until I read many bad reviews. Thank you because now I'll check it out for myself!!

  5. Ah! This is a film (and book) that I've been wanting to try out for a while now. Maybe time for a browse of Amazon ...?

  6. Thanks for your comments.It does seem that this was a love or hate film. I cannot imagine why anyone would not enjoy it. Unless of course you had no interest at all in the main themes.

    Jeannie and Katja definitely think you should, after all none of the comments here have been bad ones, but then we are all bloggers!

  7. It is a great film. I had the privilege of meeting Julia Child. She was unbelievably tall and Meryl Streep really captures her. I think she should have received the Oscar because it is hard to portray someone so well when many of the viewing public know the character.
    Also read all of Julie's blog. For some reason it is in sections with different links. It really takes some hunting around on the web to get to read the whole year.

  8. Hey Linda Lou Mac

    Thanks for sharing this post with us. I think the story definitely relates to us bloggers who love cooking and blogging. Although I don't love cooking so much. Still I find the entire idea of sharing our lives through blogs truly inspirational. If some people like to read and share, hey, then go for it. That's cool.


  9. Julie, delighted you came over read the post and commented, it is appreciated. I must agree with you as I much prefer blogging to cooking but luckily my other half loves cooking.


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