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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Song - Primavera Anticipada

This week I am featuring one of Italy's most popular female pop stars Laura Pausini singing a duet with James Blunt.
It seems an appropriate choice for this week in celebration of the arrival of Spring.

Courtesy of kaulitzangie93 

Below is an English translation of the words of Primavera Anticipada (it's My Song) - In anticipation of Spring(It's My Song) -
Spring Come Early
I do not take for granted
Anything of what I am
Even the slightest heartbeat
Not now
It's the air that i breathe
It's my fall at your feet
It is my song
I sing when you are gone
In this early spring
That thus augments
The good inside me
Aaaaah I know
You are my horizon, my dawn
Aaaah the proof that
Demonstrates what you are able to do
All my hopes and my fears my hopes and fears
in this moment are clear
you are the one
My moon, my stars, my sun
It is this early spring
It pleases me so, yes
It makes me live again
Flowers, mosaic of colours
Mistakes heal better in me today
Undoubtedly you will be the craftsman
In this spring that now has arrived, has arrived
I feel it around me

 Sunday Song Natasha from Australia also posts Sunday Songs, if you have time do go and listen to her choices for this this week by an artist called Miriam Stockley my favourite of which is 'Adiemus'.

Buona Domenica     


  1. Wow, she has got an amazing voice and they harmonise beautifully too. I thought I knew all of James Blunt's songs but I have never heard this-it's beautiful!

    I am so happy you introduced Laura Pausini to me and thanks so much for linking up.

    I bet my mum will love this one!

    Best wishes for a fabulous week,

  2. I love this song... it's a great blend between the Italian pop sound (which I really like) and the US/UK mainstream.

    Happy Spring!

  3. I love this song Linda, this is a great choice for this week's song.

  4. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Laura... I have seen her twice.. once in L.A. years ago and just last year in Paris-- She is one of my FAV. singers!! You know I also LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE Eros Ramazzotti...

  5. What a great song! We love James Blunt and Laura's voice is beautiful! The girls are having so much fun listening to the song with me! Thank for sharing :)

  6. Natasha,Some Birds,Cathy,Leesa and Wendy -

    Thankyou to all of you for sharing your thoughts on this weeks Sunday Song, so glad you all enjoyed it.
    A good choice!

    Leesa - I will have to feature Eros Ramazzotti, especially for you one Sunday then.

  7. Hi, LindyLouMac,
    I love to read posts from people who live in Italy. My husband and I visit every spring...for 16 years in a row now. We are empty nesters, too. What a wonderful experience to live there! I will look forward to reading your blog...(I saw your post on Blessing Espresso.) Thanks,
    GG Husak

  8. G.G.Husak - Welcome, thankyou for calling by and commenting. Have you been to Italy yet this Spring?


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