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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Marta Lakeside - All Change


This is how the road in front of our little house 'Casa Piccola' looked in August 2008.



Below is how it was looking a few days ago very different!  The trees were all considered dangerous so down they all came, gone are the old stone benches, the lights, a restaurants outside space, and car parking spaces.

008 009 010 Sorry these have turned out so dark, but I think you can see enough to get the idea of the dramatic change.

It is no surprise  that there is a lot of local interest in how the commune are going to complete this area, which they promise will be done by mid May in time for Marta's most important festival the ‘Festa delle Madonna del Monte.’(link to my newsletter for June 2009 in which I briefly mentioned this important Marta Festa.) This year as my Newsletter has emerged into this Blog I will hopefully be able to cover the event  more comprehensively.  Meanwhile if you are interested take a look at last years photos.


We are told it is to be transformed into a pleasant area, with paths and young trees, for the evening passagiata (a walk the Italians take to see and be seen and meet up with friends for conversation.

As soon as some progress has been made I will post some more photos.


  1. This is NOT a change for the better!

  2. Well certainly it looks that way at the moment Caroline. :(

  3. Che brutta! At least for now. I hope it will be as lovely, or better than it was before. It is always a shame though when the old stone things get torn down. I simply love the old and prefer any type of restoration instead of a complete redo. By the way, why were the trees dangerous?
    Romancing Italy

  4. Ciao! Found my way here via 'Driving like a Maniac' and wanted to introduce myself.

    In Trieste, Piazza della Borsa has been under construction since my arrival but I have high hopes!

  5. Gosh. What a change, it will be interesting to see how long it takes them to complete the work.

  6. I found my way here via 'Diving Like a Maniac' and wanted to introduce myself.

    I hope the improvements are actually that! Here in Trieste, there's a piazza that's been under construction since my arrival, but I have high hopes for it.

  7. I wonder why they thought the trees dangerous too! Such a shame. Will be interesting to see how they restore it.

  8. What a pity. Let's hope they do transform it back into a pleasant area.

  9. Gee I hope that something happens quickly-you poor things! Why do bureaucrats do these kinds of things!?

    Are you posting a song today, Linda? If you are I was wondering if you want to link it (or even one of your older songs) to my post today? Thought it might be nice to share some songs each week. Let me know what you think!

    Best wishes and have a great week,

  10. Oh my goodness - what they have done is horrible!!! Let's hope the new plan will turn out to be just as lovely - but I have to say that the mature trees were super. I shall watch developments with interest! Love, Maggie xx

  11. Caroline : What did you think when you were in Marta?
    Bev and Anne : I would back restoration in the original style every time. One of the trees came down in a freak storm Aug 2008 and since then they have all been considered dangerous as their roots are unstable as so near the lake.
    Some Birds : Welcome delighted to have you visit.
    Welshcakes: I really hope so
    Natasha: Safety and modernisation? I have linked the Sunday Song nice idea.
    Sarah: My thoughts exactly!

  12. NOW I see what you mean. I'm finally getting enough online time to catch up on blog reading. How long till the renovation is complete? Great location though!!!

  13. Carol - Exactly! I must go down there with my camera as they have stated the replanting, farily substantial trees are going in which is a pleasing site.

  14. I had somehow missed this post.
    How sad. When I see or know of a tree uprooted, I get very depressed. That lakeside was stunning, and the photo captured such a great vibe. The contrast with the gloomy digger against the bleak sky made me gasp.

    I can't believe it's still disrupted.
    Che peccato...


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