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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friday Foto


A little early for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere but I am planning a long weekend away from my computer, no Sunday Song this week but I thought before leaving you all in peace for awhile I would leave you with my Friday Foto.

Have a peaceful and stress free weekend where ever you may be and however you choose to spend it. I will be back sometime next week.

Sadly my little group of tulips will soon before over for another year.



  1. Linda,saw your Friday photo of the tulips , very nice .Looks as if you will be able to fly to the U.K. Hope all goes well . I had Cataract s urgery last week , bored , but well . No gardening for a short time .
    Hope that your trip goes well . Love ,Joyce .

  2. Bonjour Lindy, please pop over to my blog to pick up a little something before you abandon your computer ;-) Love from London x

  3. I love your Friday Foto!

    Hope you enjoy a lovely relaxing weekend!

    Best wishes,

  4. Hope your weekend was as lovely as those tulips and that they are still flowering when you get back.

  5. Lovely photo, as ever, LLM.

  6. Hi Linda.. hope you had a great trip to the UK... enjoy your blogging break too, you need it after all those fab photos from your hols :-)

    Take care Anne

  7. Enjoy your long weekend, Love the piccy!!

  8. Back in Italy and I cannot believe how much the grass has grown in a few days! As I predicted the tulips are already over but other colour has replaced them.
    Thanks to you all for your comments and compliments.

  9. Oh so pretty! I just love Tulips! Lovely.


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