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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunshine Award


I had a message a few days ago from fellow blogger, the talented Mademoiselle Poirot asking me to visit her blog as she had something for me! Well to my surprise and delight it was this sunshine award.  I have been trying unsuccessfully today to post this to the sidebar in the blog, so instead it is here!

Apparently I am supposed to nominate another ten blogs for the award but as I find this an impossible choice I am awarding it to you all. Each and every one of my readers, both family and friends, deserve this award for the way you all in your own ways bring a little sunshine into my life.

I invite the Bloggers amongst you to accept this SUNSHINE AWARD and post it on your own Blogs.

I enjoy keeping in touch with everyone via this medium of Blogging and although I do not aspire to great writing I am happy to think that I do maybe sometimes post items of interest.

If you have a chance do take a look at Mademoiselle Poirot's blog via the blue link above. She is a very talented artistic young lady from Paris now living in London whose blog always has something beautiful to look at displayed there, she makes and sells various items via her own stall in Greenwich Market.

You may just get some inspiration or an opportunity to visit her at Greenwich Market one Saturday.

Having posted my lovely sunshine award I shall now go and enjoy some real sunshine in the garden. We visited a plant nursery this morning after going to the Marta weekly market and of course could not possibly leave empty handed.  We arrived home with a boot full of plants.

While I was in Marta I took some photos of the progress on the lakeside improvements, I will post update soon.  It is only two weeks until the deadline for the Festa Celebrations, I wonder if they will finish in time? Marta Lakeside All Change!



  1. Thank you for the lovely write up and all the compliments, I have to admit that I cannot wait til the day when I might meet a fellow blogger in Greenwich, how cool would that be? From virtual to real life? Anyway, you really deserved the Sunshine Award, your blog is lovely :-) Love from London x

  2. You deserved the compliments and I for one would certainly find my way to Greenwich Market if I ever get the opportunity.

  3. A belated thankyou for my award! You deserve yours - you certainly bring sunshine into my life with your lovely blogs and pictures! Much love, Maggie xxx


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