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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Terremoto One Year On


The following link will take you to what I had to say last year after the earthquake in Abbruzzo. I cannot believe that this tragic event was a year ago today! Terremoto

People gather in L'Aquila, Italy, during a candlelight vigil remembering the 308 people killed in the earthquake last year

Image from Times Online Full article may be read here

On that day the history of Abruzzo changed as at 3.32am precisely an earthquake measuring over 6 on the Richter scale devastated the region causing some seventy thousand people to lose their homes and over three hundred people lost their lives.

In the early hours of this morning over 20,000 people attended a service in memory of that moment as the bells of L'Aquila tolled once for every individual that lost their lives.

Please take a moment to remember this terrible event and sadly the other tragic events that have happened in the world since then, it seems to be to have been an exceptionally bad year for natural disasters.

I have at least two blogging friends who have written posts today in remembrance of this event and are much better at expressing themselves than I am, so if you have a moment please follow the links and read their moving articles which I am pleased to be able to share with you.


Eleonora at Aglio Olio e Peperoncino has put words and photos together in a moving piece,3.32am as has Valerie at

2 Baci in a Pinon Tree in her piece entitled  A Day of Remembrance


  1. Thank you LindyLouMac for uniting in our desperate embrace of compassion around the unfortunate population of Abruzzo.

    It is of no solace, alas. But it's the least we can do.


  2. I saw a story on the news the other day about people wanting to rebuild the city centro. It's sad. I don't think it will happen. The news reporter didn't even say the name of the town correctly. I hate that! He said La Qwee la!

  3. Oh very sad event, Lindy, how can I forget it.. The city has chosen to commemorate the event with a gathering as our news broadcasted here. All I can say is that may God save ALL OF US from the worst, and bless us in the best way.

    As for your fave brands, definitely no problem, I really like hearing yours all:) Definitely I'm in Sony and Apple very like you:) Big grazie di cuore for sharing your answer with me:)

  4. Hi LindyLouMac,

    Thanks for posting.. we saw this on the news the past few days in France.
    Very sad, indeed.... My heart goes out to the families of loved ones...

  5. Thanks girls for sharing in the remembrance of this sad event.


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