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Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Foto - Fried Fish


This was a first for us in Italy, a recent meal out that reminded us of old fashioned style UK fish and chips eaten out of newspaper!  Absolutely delicious.

Photo taken by LindyLouMac at Da Rita, Via Grazie, 37, 01027 Montefiascone, Italy


  1. We will have to go to Da Rita, and try it for ourselves.

  2. That looks better than regular old fish and chips to me! YUMMY!

    Best wishes,

  3. ahhh, fritto misto. good eats for sure. We have found that a number of the sagras/festas are having seafood nights where this is on the menu. We are going tonight to the local one in Monte San Savino just for this. I have to bring my own sauce though.

  4. Fritto Misto, one of our favourites .. delicious. We had this in Noli .. in Liguria .. sat amongst all the locals ..

    We didn't have it in paper, but I am sure it would not remind us of the uk at all.

  5. Cathy - I hope you do go and try it, we have never seen Fritto Misto served this way anywhere else!

    Michelle - I love Fritto Misto and this one was excellent.

    Natasha - Yes it is, but I will always have fond memories of fish and chip suppers as a child in the UK.

    Anne - We have never seen it served in paper anywhere else here either. It seems to be a very popular choice at this particular restaurant.

    Saretta - Absolutely

    Have a good weekend everyone, with hopefully some delicious food :)

  6. Martha - Sorry I missed your comment. What sauce would that be then? Enjoy your fritto misto this evening but don't spoil it with the sauce.

  7. Did you pour vinegar over it?
    E xx

  8. Yummy! Food presentation is undergoing globalization too.

  9. Not your common or garden cod-chips-and mushies - I can tell from the delicate slices of lemon...

  10. Yum. Fritto misto. Love it. I think we actually can find all of the foods we are used to once we learn how to order correctly. Good job.


  11. Eleonora - Of course not :)

    Lakeviewer - I suppose it is, I had not really thought that much about it.

    Louise - Oh no it was vastly superior, just find the fact it is served at this particular restaurant in paper so unusual!

    Julie - The food we love is all Italian so to find it we had to come here to live :)

  12. Looks better than what you get from the local chippy here. Funny thing is I live in London and cannot even recall the last time I've had fish&chips... Thanks for your lovely comment, I will pass on the birthday wishes :-) Love from London x

  13. Jennifer - It was :)

    Mademoiselle P - Nothing like, it is just the paper that made me recall the F and C of my youth.

  14. Who would've thought you'd get good old fish'n'chips in Italy?!

  15. It is actually nothing like the English version fish and chips though Rachel.


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