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Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fotos - Tomatoes


The tomato plants are now producing vast quantities and this was Wednesday mornings harvest.


Update as promised on Dishwasher the engineer arrived at exactly 8.30am having found the house easily, but he was unable to repair as the condenser on the motor has burnt out! We are now patiently awaiting a new part.


  1. I am thrilled to see your harvest because that can only mean that ours should ripen soon. So far only lots of green (the cherry tomatoes do not count!).

  2. Wow! I've also a lot of tomatoes and cherry tomatoes in my "orto"! We love to make the sauce in August with them!
    Your kitchen is amazing! You really did an awesome job! I love the rustic table!
    Have a fantastic week end!

  3. Yes, we have tomato overload here, too! Plums as well. How do you use all your tomatoes? I find these cherry tomatoes are not the best for sauce.

  4. Your tomatoes look lovely Linda.

  5. Rowena - I imagine that yours should be ripening fast over the next few days then.

    Mara - Thanks, the table came from the UK with us, as we did not want to part with it.

    Saretta - Snap with the plums, The cherry tomatoes are eaten like sweets at the moment! The large ones we enjoy with mozzarella and in various salads and we also have some of the variety that are best for making the sauce! Managing to keep up at the moment as we have guests.

    Cathy - Thanks how are yours doing?

    Rachel - Yes, we always plant far too many of course, but better too many than not enough.

  6. You really do have a lot, we are still picking at a rate I can keep up with but this could soon change....... Diane

  7. Diane - We are keeping ahead of them at the moment as we have guests, which helps a great deal. We plant far too much for just two of us really.


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