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Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Foto - Egret


Egret, Lago di Bolsena, Marta.


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  1. This really is my kind of photo, love it. Diane

  2. I wish I had more time for bird photography, probably more patience needed also.

  3. What a cool photo! Love the colours and serenity of it, just great. Thanks so much for continuously stopping by at my blog and wishing me luck - god knows I'll need it ;-) Have a wonderful weekend, Love from London x

  4. Stunning :-) I think you would need patience for bird photography, need to catch them at the right moment.

    Thank you for wonderful comment Linda, oh yes my friends in Paris are very special, they were (apart from my friend Sally in Norfolk, who I knew before blogging) the first bloggers I met... and then I met more...so great that they rememebered me .. :-) in such a special way, !!

  5. These are such amazing creatures. Beautiful photo! Have a lovely weekend. :) – g

  6. Don't know if it is the same type of egret, but often we see them in the fields sitting on the rumps of livestock. We call those egrets "cow birds"...not a very imaginative name, just descriptive.
    I have never understood how people get good shots of birds. They are always gone by the time I point and shoot.

  7. Kimberly - I think they are such handsome birds!
    M.Poirot - Thanks, it is always a pleasure to visit your beautiful blog.
    Anne - I am not a very patient person, although since living here I have learnt to be more so.
    Georgianna - Yes amazing, thanks, he co-operated by staying still.
    Mya- It would be great if you were able to get a shot to share with us of one on a cows back.

  8. Smart bird! I like egrets - wish we had some on the ponds. xxxM

  9. Maggie - Yes but what about the fish.


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