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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Song - American Independence Day and Fabrizio Moro


No connection between my two choices today though as far as I know! 

Blogger Welshcakes Limocello who lives in Sicily featured Fabrizio Fabrizio Moro for a Sabato Musicale post last weekend.

I found her choice Melodia di Giugno  particularly soothing and with her kind approval decided I would feature it as my Sunday Song this weekend.

It was of course after that I realised only a few days ago no longer going to be June- Guigno by the time I came to post this. Not only that but it is also July 4th American Independence Day. Happy Birthday America.

There are many Americans living in Italy who will be having great celebrations today, so it is in their honour that I included this greeting and some relevant music in my post today.




Image  Courtesy of About.com


In honour of American Independence Day  I have chosen this video from You Tube that has a selection of patriotic music and also some patriotic photos taken by a blogger that calls Nashville home The Three Star Spangled Banner


Courtesy of  Driftwood145


For something completely different and in contrast a couple of songs from Fabrizio Moro, who was born in Roma in 1975, first the one already mentioned.

Although it is no longer Giugno I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did. 

Fabrizio Moro - Melodia di Giugno

Courtesy of mysticbastardo


My second choice is different again!   


Courtesy of cegme

I am also including the links to Fabrizio Moro's official websites for any of you that may be interested in learning more about him.   http://www.fabriziomoro.net/    and   http://www.myspace.com/fabriziomoro


More Sunday Songs can be found by visiting 5 Minutes Just for Me

Buono Domenica Tutti


  1. Happy Sunday. Hope your weather is a good as ours. Very hot!! Diane

  2. Hi Diane, yes fantastic weather and long may it last! Sorry you are unable to listen to the music, I used to find it so very frustrating having a slow connection. Enjoy summer.

  3. They are great songs! The Independence Day music is very patriotic. Happy Birthday America!

    Thank you for following my blog. I am now your latest follower!

    I hope your day is sweet,

  4. Welcome Maddy, I am delighted to have another Australian follower.

  5. Lovely songs! Happy 4th! Thanks for remembering it ... I almost forgot!

  6. How sweet of you to take the time to visit and comment on my blog. Life in Italy looks pretty good from this side of the pond. Wishing and hoping for a visit one day.

  7. Hi LindyLouMac, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a message. It is good to meet other members of our Beautiful world blog. You certainly are living in a beautiful part of the world. Yes genealogy is fascinating and once you start you never lose interest. Have a lovely day.

  8. Linda I am glad you shared the Fabrizio Moro song. I did find the book in the letterbox, thanks for letting me read it.

  9. Some Birds - Nearly forgot, no celebrations happening near you then!
    Beatnheart - Thanks for calling by, I hope you get your wish.
    IP - Thankyou, we celebrated with American friends.
    Innoncent- The same to you, it is appreciated.
    Marilyn - Good to see you here, I am enjoying being part of the Beautiful World Collective.
    Cathy - I am pleased you enjoyed Fabrizio. Hope you enjoy the Nick Hornby.

  10. Lindy, thanks for the news up-date , never been there but , will put it on my bucket list ( it gets longer every day ) of places to see. Also thanks for the Happy 4th wish it is also Ciejay and my 8th wedding ann. a very special day indeed take care . Malcolm

  11. Worth a visit, though I know what you mean so much to see. At least through blogs we are able to enjoy these places virtually. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

  12. We had a nice day on the lake, and enjoyed fireworks on the fourth...wonderful to have a 3 day weekend once in a while. Checked the computer before calling it a day, and saw your post including July 4th music. That was a nice surprise, and I am sure your Am/It friends enjoyed it. I also liked your other music selections, especially the "Melodia di Giugno."
    Can't promise when, but the next time I know that I am going to be going through a rural area, I will take my camera with me in case I come across a pasture with cows and said birds.
    I hope you also had a nice weekend.

  13. What a lovely "June" song, it's really soothing and I just took 5mins out with my coffee on a Tuesday morning just listening... Thanks the lovely start to my day. I hope you have a lovely week, Love from London x

  14. Madaemoiselle P -Blogger comments playing up I had to cut and paste to get your comment to show here!! I am glad you agree that song was soothing, maybe I should take 5 and listen to it again now, grr........

  15. Mya - I am pleased to hear you enjoyed your celebrations and my music choices:) You probably will not see one again for simply ages if you start looking.


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