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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Marta Mercato

Summer Blogging is for me very much about less words and more photos. Having fun in the sun with family and friends that visit us over the summer months is after all what living in in Italy is supposed to be about, whenever the opportunity arises to spend time with those we love.
I therefore don't want to spend too much time at the computer researching and writing posts but I do still want to share our day to day life with you all in 'News From Italy'.
Meandering around our local markets is something that seems to hold a certain fascination for many of our guests.  So today I am sharing some photographs of our local market in Marta. It is held along the lakeside every Thursday morning throughout the year, but the number of stall holders that visit and the goods they sell is very seasonal.
In this region of Italy markets are still of great importance to the locals, many of whom never travel much further afield than their own localities. They can still rely on the weekly visiting markets to provide most things that they need for day to day living that they can not produce for themselves.
You will find the butcher, the baker, the grocer, the greengrocer, the fishmonger and the plant salesman for both flowers and vegetable plants alongside the ironmongers and china stalls.  Every item of clothing you will ever need can be obtained from the market, one man who has a shop elsewhere will even measure you for a suit if required. Shoes, hats ,handbags and other items such as scarves can always be found. If you need curtains, rugs, material for sewing, yes these are here also.
When my sister was staying with us earlier this month I took a series of photos of the weekly market one Thursday morning and a few more last week when we were there with our daughter, the full selection can be viewed on Flickr in My Album entitled Marta Mercato.

You may have guessed that the lady whom I seem to be stalking around the market is none other than my sister!

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of Marta Mercato.


  1. Lindy, great post , and really good photos , and snap shots , the market is much like the markets here in Wang Pho (the color of the vendors skin is a little darker in our area ) ha ha and ours just like yours are sooo important to the local folks who never travel out of their local area and especially for the older folks that depend on the weekly market for their every needs . thanks again . malcolm

  2. I am loving the photos! Summer blogging with all of these great pictures is fine with me too Lindy-keep 'em coming!

    Best wishes,

  3. Your markets look much like ours here in France but I would guess that your cheeses and meats would be slightly different

  4. Exactly the same as our market down here in Puglia! Those could be photos of my local market!

  5. Wish I could say that we have the same here in my neighborhood, but alas we do not.
    The market is something that connects you to history - people have been selling there wares in the markets for eons.
    There are a couple of neighborhoods in town that do have a Saturday market, supplied mostly by their locals. You will find a few vegetable stalls, and a few bric-a-brac stands, and maybe a few plant vendors, but it is only on a small scale, nothing at all like what you have.
    At least in my area we do have A (one) vegetable stand.

  6. I am as guilty as everyone else. I love the going to the street markets in other countries. They seem like an adventure in themselves!

  7. Love your pictures, can't wait to see it all!

  8. Love the market Lindy! I especially liked the wonderful selection of clothing. I agree with you about summer blogging. What a great day you must have had. :)

  9. Please forgive for not replying to you all individually, with latest guests all departed I now have a mass of computer related stuff to catch up on, including catching up on your blogs.
    Thankyou for all your comments about our Market.

  10. Here in Mexico we have a "Mercado" just like that! It weird how two different countries can be very similar.
    Thanks for sharing your Italy! I enjoy it every time I stop by =)
    Have a Fabulous Day!

  11. Rocio - I am delighted that you enjoy sharing a little bit of Italian life with me, fun that you see similarities in our Mercato with your Mercado.

  12. Yes - I love markets and this one looks like really worth a visit. So a virtual visit is better than no visit at all - however, who knows - perhaps one day I might get to do it for real!!!

    Lots of love, Maggie xxx

  13. Maggie - It would be great if you are able to come and pay us another visit :)


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