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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Song - Alessandra Amoroso


Today it is the Birthday of the son of a blogging friend of mine Mademoiselle Poirot so as a surprise for Dylan I am dedicating this post to him.

Happy Birthday Dylan

If you do not already know of his Mum's blog, Mademoiselle Poirot do please pay them a visit. 

I hope everyone especially Dylan enjoys today's choice from this talented young singer.

Alessandra Amoroso - Arrivi Tu - Arrivals You

Courtesy of Ggiiuulliiaa93


Unfortunately this video is not as good as the official one on You Tube,but one that was not available for embedding.



Image courtesy of www.mondoreality.com/.../alessandra-amoroso.jpg

Alessandra Amoroso was born in Galatina, Lecce, Italy on 12th August 1986.  She came to fame in Italy when she first appeared in the Italian reality television show Amici, becoming the winner of the 2009 series.

You can read more facts about Alessandra on Wikipedia

The link to her official website Alessandra Amoroso

She also has pages on My Space and Facebook  where details of her current tour of Italy can be found.



More Sunday Songs can be found by visiting 5 Minutes Just for Me

Buono Domenica Tutti


  1. She has a very interesting voice doesn't she. I listened to the official song too. The film clip was quite stunning...those Italian men are rather good looking aren't they!

    Thanks for linking up again Linda-I really appreciate your friendship and your support each week. I also LOVE learning about new Italian songs and artists each week too!

    Best wishes for a wonderful week,

  2. What a wonderful find! I looked at some of her other songs on YouTube and really like Stupida. It sounds almost like an Italian R&B song.

    This is an excellent meme. I adore music and especially like discovering new (to me) artists. Thanks.

  3. Aww, how fantastic to discover her. Thank you! So thoughtful of you to post for Dylan's birthday! xo

  4. Buon compleanno Dylan! (nonostante non ti conosca!) ;-) Great song! Mi piace molto Alessandra. Grazie per avermi fatto conoscerla! Spero che tutto vada bene! Meli

  5. Lindy, thank you so so so much for this lovely gesture, Dylan is absolutely chuffed to bits about all the lovely birthday messages he received from all over the world and to have a post on somebody else's blog dedicated to him. He was grinning from ear to ear with pride and also says thank you.

    We've had a fantastic day at an adventure park and are now all shattered and tired but very happy.

    That song sounds fabulous and I will have to find out more about her. Thanks for the introduction :-) Lots of Love and Thanks from London, Carole x

  6. Grazie Melissa, thank you for the (I think) birthday wishes for Dylan. We really appreciate it and are touched by everybody's thoughtfulness :-) Love from London x

  7. Happy Sunday! Lovely dedication.

  8. Great song Linda. I love how you post Italian songs so often. You are expanding my knowledge of local artists!

  9. Happy you came to my blog..really enjoyed yours and Sunday Song..Beautiful pictures all around..
    Have a great week..Rosebud.

  10. Natasha - I just loved her voice from the time I first heard her singing on the Amici programme. Natasha, I also appreciate you hosting Sunday Song and giving me an opportunity to listen to music from around the world.
    citymouse - Yes I like Stupida as well. Glad you enjoyed SS hope you will listen in again.
    Georgiana - When I heard it was Dylan's Birthday it seemed like a good idea and I gather he was really chuffed.
    Melissa - Grazie tutto bene qui ma molto caldo.:)
    Mademoiselle P - I was very happy to do this for Dylan and am delighted he was chuffed, sounds like he had a fun Birthday. Delighted you enjoyed my SS choice this week.
    Unknown Mami - Thanks :0
    Cathy - I aim to only feature Italian artists if I can or stranieri singing in Italian, only I did that once and recieved a derogatory comment :(
    Rosebud Collection - Welcome I am happy to have you here and hope you will call by often for a little taster of Italian life as we live it.


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