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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Garden In July - Il Nostro Giardino in Luglio

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Another month has flown by and it is time once again for me to share some of my favourite garden photos from the last month with you. Once again I have had difficulty selecting just a few from the many I have taken over the last few weeks. Around 200 again this month, it is just too easy with digital photography.

The interested gardeners and photographers amongst you will find the full album on Flickr.  Our Garden in July

Here then are my favourite eight photographs from the month of July for you to enjoy. I found it very difficult once again to choose so they are smaller than normal, which I do not think does them full justice. You know where to look if you want to see them in their full glory. These are definitely my favourites today but if I look again tomorrow I think some of them would be different.  My extra special favourites this month have already been shared with you here in my Persian Acacia post and also four of them on Beautiful World the new collective blog that I am contributing to.

I will also post one of my choices today over on Beautiful World why not go over there and see which one it is when you have a minute or two to spare.



Ornamental Leek

Pomegranate flower


Dandelion Seedhead




I am not going to be posting a Friday Foto or a Sunday Song Post this weekend as we are busy with guests staying and lots of festas going on, so there will be plenty of News From Italy to catch you up with later on next week. Meanwhile click on the blue for links to three of my favourite posts from recent months.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. beautiful! I'm not sure if I've even seen a kiwi on a tree!

  2. Beautiful photos, as always, Linda. I especially like the agapahthus and the pomegranate flowers. Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned - have a wonderful time!

  3. I just love agapanthas, we had so many in the garden in S.Africa, both blue and white. When we make the final move here and I have more time to keep an eye on the garden, I must get some.

    Have a good weekend with your guests. Diane

  4. I'm always amazed by the variety of plants and flowers you have, exotic and colorful. Love that dandelion! Thanks so much for sharing and have a lovely weekend with your guests. – g

  5. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your garden with us. I love the closeups, so you can see such detail. So little and yet so much design.

  6. Erin, alissa, Diane, lakeviewer, Georgianna, Unknown Mami and Mya.
    Please forgive for not replying to you all individually, with latest guests all departed I now have a mass of computer related stuff to catch up on, including catching up on your blogs.
    Thankyou for all your lovely comments about my latest garden photos.

  7. Your photos are very beautiful. This is my first visit to your blog and I've been taken with how lovely it is. I've browsed through your earlier posts and must say I've enjoyed my visit. I'll be back often to see and hear more of your world. I hope this day treats you well. Blessings...Mary

  8. Such photoas always make me happy! All those colours! And the grapewine brings back memories of Croatia to me, of hot summer days, Lovely kiwis and ALL. Yes, I`m sure it was hard for you to choose, I bet the rest of the pictures are as beautiful! Thanks for sharing! CHeers from Germany!

  9. I love the color of the rose, the textures in the leek and the rainbow of zinnias! I want to see those grapes again in September...

  10. Oh wow!!! I love the bright beautiful colors!
    I would love to take some shots too!
    Have a fabulous day!

  11. Mary - Welcome, thankyou for your kind comments and I hope this be the first of many :)

    Angela - Good to hear sharing my photos makes you happy, nature is so beautiful it is a pleasure to share.

    Saretta - I am sure the grapes will feature again, thanks for your appreciative comments.

    Rocio - You are right the colours are WOW as they do seem so vivid in the sunlight.

  12. Your garden is a paradise. Photos are vibrant and colorful. Great post, Linda!

  13. So beautiful!!! I'm looking forward to planting my own flowers and vegetables next year. We're allowed to do anything we want here, and I have a very large front, side and back yard.

  14. Maria - Paradise provided by Mother Nature, good to have you back in blogging land.

    Jeannie - Benvenuto a Italia!

  15. Awesome photo of the dandelion seedhead!

    Thanks for letting me know about the Ornamental Leeks. I didn't realize they come in white, too.

    Off to google them now. :) Have a good weekend!

  16. Buckeroomama - Thanks I love that one as well. As I had not seen the coloured ones before, so we both learnt something new today.


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