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Monday, July 12, 2010

Finalemente - Finally

Finalemente, at last we have our official piece of paper with all the correct marco da bollo,(offical government coupons) on it, rather than a photocopy of our Residency Certificate to say that we are residents of Viterbo.
Today July 12th was the appointment we were given to collect this back in April at the Commune Ufficio Anagraphe - (Office for Official Documents) at the local Council Offices, which some of you may remember reading about. Here are the links to the previous articles about our applications for Residency and Identity Cards. Residency Certificate, Residency Certificate Part Two and Carta D'Identita and Residency Update.
We have absolutely no idea why it should take so long to produce two single sheets of paper, one for each of us as our proof of address!
Issued with today's date and stating our residency in the Viterbo region commenced on 6th October 2009 which was actually the date we first put the application in motion. We had moved into our new home on March 9th having owned it since February 9th, the application was just something we knew we had to sort out sooner or later. The Residency Certificate is a requirement for such things as registering with a different doctor and buying a car so something we needed to deal with at some point.
What a good thing it was not urgent as it has in fact taken just over nine months to deal with!
We arrived just after the office opened at 10am and walked out an hour later clutching our two single sheets of paper. The amazing thing was that even having a set day to collect them, even when it came to our turn, we still had to wait half an hour while the gentleman dealing with us went off to find the application and print them off and stick the official stamps on them, which we had purchased months ago.
Well we assume that is what he did as they definitely have July 12th 2010 on them.
Anyway that is another dealing with Italian democracy that is done and dusted, at least until next time we move.
I will leave you today with a photo of the latest flower to come into bloom in our garden.  I took this photo just a few hours ago of a vibrant orange canna lily.


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  1. We are still non residents so have this issue to contend with!!! Just a matter of how soon Nigel can retire but it may still be another couple of years:-( Diane

  2. Congratulations .. absolutely brilliant news :-)

    Thanks for comment on my blog, who yes I think you do have to go back to Paris :-)

  3. What a lovely blog. Love the photos. We were in Florence for 10 days last year and went out into the countryside every day...what a wonderful country! Thanks for sharing your life.

  4. Vexing to vibrant...at least you're legal and can prove it. The flower really is pretty and look at the number that are about to open!

  5. Congratulations! Italian bureaucracy? Don't get me started... And those canna lilies are just too beautiful! I love them!

  6. That lily is just stunning! A really great picture and I'm sure so much more satisfying to deal with than Italian bureaucrats...or French or British for that matter ;-) I hope you have a lovely week, Love from London x

  7. YAYY!!!! Isn't that a wonderful feeling?! I felt so great getting my 10 year card in Jan...
    Now, I'm getting ready to apply for citizenship! Can't wait!

    I'm happy that you got everything taken care of and a BIG CONGRATS to you both!

    Have a great week..

  8. Well, congratulations! I guess it's a test of persistence and patience. I have experienced a tiny bit of Italian bureaucracy and much more in other countries so I can imagine how much of a relief this is for you. Hope you celebrated! – g

  9. A huge round of applause for you on this event. Italian red tape can be such a pain, but after all that, you have a really REALLY good reason to go out and celebrate your "victory"!!!

  10. Diane - What is the bureaucracy like to deal with in France?
    Anne - Yes at last, it has involved so many trips to the commune.
    Mary - Thankyou so much for visiting and commenting, maybe next time you visit Italy you will come a little further south to Lazio :)
    Mya- Good words, vexing to vibrant! Another bud on that bloom is open this am.
    Saretta - I think bureaucracy is more difficult here for you than it is for us.
    Mademoiselle P - I hope to get some more photos when all the buds are open. All bureaucracy is just so time consuming.
    Leesa - We are still British citizens but have Italian ID cards. Are you giving up your American citizenship then?
    Georgianna - Thankyou, yes patience is something I have got much better at in recent years :)
    Rowena - Thanks, yet another excuse, who needs one. We celebrate every day that we are lucky enough to be living here don't we.

  11. Lindy, so far we have had no problems but......
    Our tax has doubled this year suddenly so we are going to see why in the next couple of weeks while Nigel is here. Could be interesting!!!! Diane

  12. Ah, I see Diane, it could be higher taxes for non residents, it certainly is here in Italy if you own a property but are not living in Italy full time. Good Luck and I expect we can look forward to hearing about the outcome on your blog?

  13. Hooray! I have an appointment at the Questura tomorrow...wish me luck!

  14. Some Birds - I do hope your appointment went well today.


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