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Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Foto - Marta


Marta Lakeside July 1st 2010

Also posted at Beautiful World


  1. We are so lucky to live near Lake Bolsena. Looks like a lovely spot with those shady trees.

  2. Any time there is water around, the whole place sparkles. Lovely.

  3. This is so well developed. Is it also part of the reconstruction project on the lakeside? What a nice shady place to stroll - down the double row of trees - so inviting.

  4. Cathy - We are very lucky to give in the gorgeous Viterbo region, I do so agree. It is a lovely walk along the lakeside.
    Lakeviewer - Sparkles, I like that description.
    Mya- It is very inviting. No it is not part of the reconstruction project although just next to it. That reminds me must post an update, would you believe it is still not quite finished!!!
    Saretta - Yes, explosion of colour that also sounds good. One of the joys of comments is reading how others describe things!

  5. Ciao Linda,
    Maybe stereotypical excuse, but I forgot to add the link. Now done:) Yes, with that sélection de musique I'm participating at Natasha's Sunday Songs:)
    Maybe you get surprised but I never been to a lakeside. Often been to the sea and ocean. Would love to experience Viterbo area and smell what it looks like.
    Looking forward to hear your song alla Domenica:) Ciao carissima..

  6. Nihal - Ciao e grazie! Maybe one day you will be able to visit the Viterbo region. Yes, I am a little surprised that you have never visited a lake.


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