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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Garden in October - Il Nostro Giardino in Ottobre


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Where do the weeks go, I cannot believe it is time once again for me to share some of my favourite garden photos from the last month with you. As in previous months this is just a selection that I publish here, the full album can be viewed on Flickr if you are interested in the album Our Garden in October 2010.

The apples and grapes are now all harvested and within a few weeks the olives will also no longer be on the trees but oil in our cantina. Traditionally in this region the olive harvest begins on All Saints Day November 1st, of which more next week. However last year we picked our olives in two sessions, and the first batch was picked and pressed by October 31st. As it was our first year here the un pruned trees were exceptionally heavy with olives and we picked for four days at the very end of October and then again after some rain in November.  I will of course write about the olive harvest when the time comes within the next few weeks depending on the state of the olives and the weather. We have learnt since moving here last year that we really need to do things when we are told by the neighbours that the time is right, the phase of the moon is one of the most important factors with regard to everything that is done in the garden.

As already mentioned the main harvests this month have been Apples and Grapes Winemaking 1Winemaking 2

Autumn Daffodil – Sternbergia Lutea

Pampas Grass

Persimmon (completely different to last months photo )

Some of the olives are also ripening fast.

Grapes now all harvested.

A carpet of sweet chestnuts and apples( latter now gone to feed the neighbours pig).


Sweet Chestnuts previously posted here

We have now started picking the Persimmon, this was just one days crop, plenty more on the tree.

General view towards the house.

Finally just a few of my container plants.

More photos can be found in my Flickr album Our Garden in October 2010

This week as it happens to be Wednesday and these are outdoor photos I am participating again in Outdoor Wednesday.

Outdoor Wednesday button[5]Welcome to ‘News From Italy’ to the other participants, thankyou for calling by.



  1. Your garden is still looking fantastic, wish I was there to see mine! You have just reminded me I have a bag of sweet chesnuts, I had better do something about them:-) Diane

  2. I am green with envy with your beautiful garden-wow. I love taking photo journeys like this one. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. The garden looks lovely, and I'm very impressed by the olives. I expect it will be hard work all round when the time comes to harvest them!

  4. Hi Linda, you certainly have swapped the UK for the Good Life ... amazing garden with such a mix of trees. Yes a good idea to listen to your wondeful neighbours.

  5. Now I'm really envious, you make your own oil!
    Amazing, but you have a lot of work to do too.

  6. Splendid garden...what a wonderful yard and house. I am going to follow you. We have visited Italy and enjoyed it so much.

  7. So beautiful - thanks for sharing the gift!

  8. Lindy, thank you so much for the nice comment you left me. Coming from an avid reader like you, it meant a lot to me!
    I am jealous about your backyard, so full of food for now and later! That's a dream place, but I think I have said that already!

  9. Beautiful, beautiful photos. I love the one of the pampas grass! Someday I hope to visit Italy and France. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Those were beautiful photos. I'm glad I got to see them. Thanks. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  11. Goodness, so many fantastic crops right on your property! I didn't know about the chestnuts and kiwis and persimmons and so much more. What an incredible bounty. And wine and olive oil? Heavenly!

  12. I love the photos of your garden in October. persimmons are very unfamiliar things for me, very exotic! I loved the post all aobut the wine making, too...

  13. I love this time of year. The olive harvest is one of my favourite things. If it's a nice crisp autumns day then nothing beats sitting in a tree picking olives.

  14. Oh I love your garden, I wish I could have experience living in a garden full of things to harvest. I was in Italy for few days, just in Rome. I would definitely come back in see other places.
    Have a nice day!

  15. Il tuo giardino è favoloso e ricco di buoni frutti! Lucky you!
    Happy week end!

  16. I can't believe that your persimmons are already ripe! Ours have a couple weeks more to go, I think. Showing a slight tinge on the surface....we need more sun!

  17. Diane - Not much colour though which I would like to try and improve, but plenty of produce. I hope you get to roast your chestnuts.

    Velva - I am pleased you enjoyed the journey, the garden has produced well this year.

    Thisisme - Olive harvest is hard work but fun.

    Anne - Yes I often think of that old TV programme with Felicity Kendal, not that we are anything like either couple :)

    Alessandra - Having our own olive oil is worth all the work :)

    Olive - Welcome to our little piece of Italy which I hope you will enjoy, thanks for becoming a follower and commenting.

  18. Laura - Welcome and thanks for commenting, you are right our garden is a gift.

    Simony - I meant what I said :) We are fortunate that this garden produces so much food for us to enjoy.

    She Uses Her Words - Welcome, thankyou for your comments they are appreciated. Until you get to visit I hope you will share my little piece of Italy with me.

    J-Bar - Thankyou for taking the time to call by and leave a comment, appreciated.

    Donnie - Welcome and thanks for calling by for Outdoor Wednesday and commenting, appreciated.

    Gergianna - We are so well provided for from this garden.:)

  19. Karen - Persimmons are surprisingly common around here and come Christmas time left hanging in the bare branches they look like decorations!

    Sarah Elizabeth - Will you be participating this year?

    Lani - Welcome and thanks for becoming a follower until you one day return to Italy or have your own produce I will share in photos with you.

    Les Cotroins - Grazie per complementi :)

    Rowena - I think they are ripening earlier this year. By the way tomorrow I am posting the jujube article and linking to the post you told me about me about :)

  20. You have quite a bountiful harvest...great photos!

  21. what a haul! Those apples look so much better than the ones I just picked up from the store. Before I moved to Italy, I had no idea that kiwis were such a big crop here!

  22. I'm so jealous of your fabulous harvest! :D Can't wait to hear more details of the olive oil processing.

  23. Linda - It has been very bountiful so far this year, but not so sure about the forth coming olive harvest.

    Natalie - If you were local I would happily provide you with apples, no we had no idea about the large numbers of kiwi orchards in Italy either.

    Rachel - It has been especially good this year, yes I will definitely post about the olive oil process.

  24. Oh, my goodness. Your garden (and house) are absolutely stunning! How wonderful. Want to bite into those fabulous apples...

  25. Jann - Welcome to our little piece of Italy, thankyou so much for commenting, hope to see you here again.


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