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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Pizzas - I would enjoy one of these but not the other - Which one is it?






This is part of a  link to Wordless Wednesday where more fun photos can be found.


  1. No doubt about which I would go for, I love seafood, the first one of course. Diane

  2. Oh gosh, they're *both* just a bit wrong really, aren't they?! I think I'd go for the patatine over the cozze: shellfish in their shells would just be too much of a faff on a pizza. Also, I prefer them raw.

  3. Mussels ands clams and squids, oh no! I'd eat that one, except for the mussels and clams and squids. Gimme chicken any day.

  4. Fries (or chips) on pizza??? I'll take the seafood one please....even if I don't quite recognize everything, lol!

  5. My guess is that you would enjoy the first one more. I can't imagine eating a pizza covered in chips!

  6. Yes ladies my choice would have been the seafood one, most definitely not the chips on pizza which I thought was a decidedly odd combination!
    Pat - A warm welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. I do not think I have seen a pizza with chicken :)
    Jeannie - Just think it will not be long before you are eating such delights!

  7. I'd like the first one if the stuff was out of their shells...I kind of hate playing with my food ;)

    I do like fries (sorry I'm American) WITH pizza occasionally -- try to get all the fat I can into one meal!-- but not ON the pizza.

  8. WHAAAATTTT?!?!?!?! Chips on a pizza!!!!!!?????? Who ever thought of that? I really, really, really don't get those carb bombs - like "chip butties" what are they about? Anyway, the seafood one looks lovely, with a fresh mixed salad and a nice Chianti, Cheers ;-) Love from London, Carole x

  9. Michelle - Exactly I have seen people have chips as a starter but on the pizza! Working for your food is half the fun with shellfish.

    Carole - Absolutely, pizza, salad and wine sounds good to me.


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