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Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Fotos- Sunsets


I decided a few days ago that this Friday I would post a Sunset photo from the selection I have taken this week.

Unable to choose my favourite I have instead posted four which were all taken this week of the sun setting over Lago di Bolsena.

I just love watching sunsets. These were the ones I was fortunate enough to witness, the first two photos are from Tuesday evening and the second two yesterday .

002 006



I would also like to mention that none of these photos have been edited they are completely natural shots. I am not sure I would know how to improve them if I wanted to, but I think these are beautiful just as they are.


  1. Have you been to Hawaii? That is where I saw the most wonderful sunsets - ever!
    Great photos!

  2. Magnificent photos. We get good sunsets in the Charente but we are not next to water and that makes such a big difference. The reflection in amazing. Diane

  3. Beautiful photos! The colors are amazing. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. These fab photos do not need improving at all or editing.. they are amazing ..Love the reflections :-)

  5. Oh my, Lindy these shots are jaw-dropping!
    Barva. And compliments to the fellow upstairs who arranged for the light and cloud arrangements...

    I've been gone a while from these relaxing lakeside pages. But now I'm back!


  6. Those photos are breath taking. You have done well! What a great eye you have!

  7. I love the way the pink sky is reflected on the water.
    By the way in answer to your question on my blog, our country house is about 110m2 and there are 3 floors. I am going to go now and have a look at your flikr photos!

  8. Bellissime foto! Complimenti! Sei molto fortunata vivere in un posto cosi tranquillo!

  9. They definitely are VERY beautiful just as they are. Lucky you to see the sunsets there. Thanks for sharing. :) – g

  10. You are right, sunsets are beautiful and so are your pictures. The lake looks as though the pink light were coming from it, instead of reflecting off it. There are some scenes in nature that you do not just look at, but that you can feel.

  11. I love sunsets. These photos are lovely Linda.

  12. I love how the first one is pink on the top and again at the bottom. Beautiful!

  13. This Photos are AMAZING!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Gasp!! Beyond gorgeous!!

    And....I'M GETTING SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ohh my, I see the sky change in the most amazing orange and pink colours until the sun disappears in the gem of the cleanest lake in Europe, Lago di Bolsena! I think your great post is incomplete as long as you don't advice us the best restaurant if I come over there one day?


    Inspired now to go to a lake side but no chance in Istanbul:(

  16. Hi there Linda!

    Hope you are having a great Sunday!! I LOVE your sunset pics... It's so nice to see the sun going down over the water!!
    Take care,

  17. jmisgro - No never, maybe one day.

    Diane - Thanks,I was delighted you took up the sunset theme as well :)

    Alissa - It was amazing how the colours varied on the two days!

    Leanne - It was the pink that had me diving into my bag for my camera.

    Eleonora - Lovely to have a compliment from such an excellent photographer :)

    Anne - Thanks, I am so pleased with the results my camera is providing!

    Kimberly - Thanks, I have a good camera :)

    Sarah - Yes ,volcanic.

    Melissa - Grazie, si fortunata.

    Georgianna - It is a pleasure to share.

    Mya - Nature never ceases to amaze me.

    Cathy - I do not recall if there is a place to take good sunsets in Tuscania?

    Italian Postcards - that is what I found speical as well.

    Rocio - Glad you think so, courtesy of nature :)

    Jeannie - Italian sunsets, not long now!

    Nihal - Yes, come and visit Lago di Bolsena and I will certainly tell you which restaurants to watch the sunsets from :)

    Leesa - Thanks, took more sunset photos on Sunday evening :)

  18. What gorgeous fotos. I dont often get to see your pictures, because they dont load on my slow home connection. Sometimes I hang around in the library and read blogs, then Iàm reminded what I'm missing. <must remember to check back more often :)

  19. so beautiful
    im in awe

    how i wish i could be there right now =)

  20. Yes they are lovely - and just as they are. Don't edit them! xxxM (I have occasionally tried to take photos of good sunsets from our west facing bedroom window but of course there's no way of avoiding the electricity and phone cables that are across the yard - so that's definitely an editing job!) xx

  21. Carol - Thanks :)

    Gina - I bet you and your magic touch could take some beautiful shots in the Lago di Bolsena region. Come and visit soon.

    Maggie - Even if I knew how to edit photos I certainly would not have done :)

  22. They are stunning, I love sunsets as well.

  23. Alessandra - Isn't Nature wonderful :)


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