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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Song - World Cup Football Tribute


While I was in England for the last few days I was amazed to notice so much 'Football Fever', with the St George flag flying from cars, shops, pubs and houses! 

I may not be a Football Fan but I do remember how very proud the Italians were when they won the last World Cup in 2006.

To support the enthusiasm for World Cup Football 2010 around the world, it seems appropriate for the Sunday Song Song today to share with you some Italian World Cup Football Tributes.

Italy World Cup celebrations "We are the Champions" Rome 2006

Courtesy of vagabondingit

Gabri Ponte - World Cup Italian Song 2006

Courtesy of domeam

I was unable to find an official song chosen by the Italians

for 2010, so have chosen this one myself by The Rumbar Girls.

Courtesy of RumbarGirls

World Cup 2010 - Official Theme Tune

Courtsey MrKarlozKiller

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Buona Fortuna Italia!   Buona Domenica Tutti.


  1. I wondered where you had disappeared to; maybe I missed something where you said you were going to the UK. I wish I could play 'You Tube' but my ADSL is just not strong enough to cope. Maybe things will change one day out here in the country. Diane

  2. Just the spirit in the city - and my classroom - is enough to make a fan of anyone!

  3. Had fun listening to the different songs. What an experience it must have been to be living in Italy when they won the World Cup!

  4. Good choice of songs for the World Cup. I am not a soccer fan either, we did watch the match with England and the US the other night, and caught part of the match with Australia and Germany though, but that is more because the males in this household are soccer fans.

  5. Diane - I think you must have missed my last post on Monday 7th about Our Garden in May, where I said I would be absent from the computer for the rest of the week. Having a slow connection is so frustrating, I feel for you as it is only in the last year I have been lucky enough to have wireless.
    Some Birds - I enjoy the enthusiasm but you will never make a FAN of me.
    Wendy - Yes, fireworks all around and great excitement. Welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting, I certainly hope you will call by again.
    Cathy - I expect their enthusiasm rubs off on the females of the household just a little. After all Italy are the current title holders.

  6. We have got world cup fever over here too...big time! Hubby got up at 4AM to watch the terrible game between Australia and Germany (terrible for us but great for Germany!), both hubby and my son watch the highlights every night and every morning and my my son posted a song about the world cup on his little blog too. I will make sure that my son sees these songs- he will love them!!

    Thanks for sharing them and joining in with me on Sundays.

    Hope you have a fabulous week,

  7. Natasha- Your husband must be very keen to get up at that time of day to watch the match live! I hope your son did enjoy the songs, I am impressed he is a blogger. See you Sunday with another song.


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