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Monday, June 7, 2010

Our Garden In May

I will be away from my computer for the rest of this week, I am leaving you with this post of our garden over the last few weeks during themonth of May, to enjoy both here and on Flickr.com
Our Garden in May

During May our garden has suffered this year from the excessive amount of rain we have had. As the neighbours kept saying the garden was 'bagnato' 'wet' although you would not think it had suffered from an excessive amount of water as it was not long after the rains stopped that we had to start watering.

The cherries and strawberries have both suffered from lack of sun, the former are now beginning to ripen and as we were told last year that we were picking them too early, are hopefully it is not going to be too much longer before we harvest them. So no cherry photos yet and not much to show in the way of strawberries either.

The roses have bloomed and provided most of the colour for May apart from various white flowering shrubs, white lilies and white irises.

The orto - vegetable garden has not been very good either. In fact we lost plants due to them drowning! Our neighbours lost vast quantities of plants but we got off fairly lightly just having to replace a few tomato, pepper and aubergine plants as we do not plant in such large quantities. We also lost all our potatoes, they have just rotted in the ground.

Here are a few of my favourites photographs from the month of May for you to enjoy.

Snowball Tree

Name Unknown





Climbing rose


A full selection of photos I have taken in the garden this month can be viewed at Our Garden in May


  1. Your garden is beautiful! I especially love the Snow Ball tree! Thanks for sharing. Yvonne

  2. The snowball tree has to be my favorite. It just makes me smile.

  3. Wonderful pictures, your garden must look stunning. Diane

  4. Linda, your flowers are gorgeous.I only ever saw lilies at the florist till being here. What a thrill to see them growing out of the ground.Hopefully when you return we can figure out a time to get together. I would love to see your garden. ciao

  5. So many pretty flowers. What a pleasure to look at your garden pictures. Thank you for sharing.
    The little flower near the top looks like wood sorrel (Oxalis). I hope you have some fun scheduled in your itinerary while you are absent from the computer.

  6. I agree that the snowball flowers are stunning but I will always love roses!

    Best wishes,

  7. Lovely photos. I like the yellow rose best.

  8. Hi Lindy! Back from my break and happy to find the beautiful photos of your garden. Stunning, especailly the first one. Love from London x

  9. Such a wonderful variety of blooms, Lindy. And strawberries already? Fantastic. Have a super week.

  10. Mumzi and Mami - The snowball tree is so aptly named.
    Diane - So you were here :)
    Carol - I think the wonder of close up photography make the garden seem stunning, it is nothing special but I would love you to visit us all the same.
    Mya - Thanks for the identification.
    Italian Postcards - I hope sharing it via photos will ease the jealousy, all the pleasure none of the work:)
    Welshcakes Limoncello - Thanks Pat, the yellow roses have been magnificent this year.
    Madomemoiselle - Another Snowball lover then.
    Georgianna - Strawberries like all our plants so far this year seem to have been 2-3 weeks later than normal, due to the odd weather.


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