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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Song - Irene Grandi


Irene Grandi is a popular female artist here in Italy whose singing I enjoy. Her latest album 'Alle porte del Sogno' (At the Gates of the Dream') was released on 19th February 2010.



Biographical information and photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Irene Grandi is 40 years old, born 6th December 1969 in Florence.. She has been a singer, songwriter since 1992 active in the genres of Pop, Rock, Soul and Blues.

Her first appearance at the Sanremo Music Festival was in 1994, won by Andrea Bocelli, who was also debuting the same year.

Her first album, Irene Grandi, contained songs written with Eros Ramazzotti

In 2000, she placed second in the Sanremo Music Festival with a song written together with Vasco Rossi.

She participated as a contestant in the 60th edition of the Sanremo Music Festival  in 2010 with her song La Cometa di Halley (Halley's Comet).


  • 1994 Irene Grandi
  • 1994 Irene Grandi (German Edition)
  • 1995 In vacanza da una vita
  • 1997 Per fortuna purtroppo
  • 1998 Irene Grandi (Spanish Version)
  • 1999 Verde rosso e blu
  • 2000 Verde rosso e blu (Special San Remo 2000)
  • 2001 Irek
  • 2002 Kose da Grandi (CD-ROM)
  • 2003 Prima di partire
  • 2004 Irene Grandi live '03 (CD live)
  • 2005 Indelebile
  • 2005 Irene Grandi LIVE (DVD Live)
  • 2007 IreneGrandi.HITS
  • 2008 Canzoni di Natale
  • 2010 Alle porte del sogno

As you can see from this list of her albums she has produced plenty of material for me to contribute to future Sunday Songs.

If you are interested in learning more about her here is the link to her official website Irene Grandi

The song I have chosen for today is the second single to be released from the recent album and is the album title track, the video  which is from YouTube is her official video.

Courtesy of oltre1985



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Buono Domenica Tutti


  1. Hi there, your internet must be much better then ours. We are in the country so I think the distance and length of cable make a big difference. Sadly I cannot play You Tube as it jerks it's way through streaming every couple of seconds. I did try but....... Diane

  2. E' il nuovo singolo "Alle porte del sogno"? Great. Amazing voice, a new favorite of mine from today:) How wonderful you did make a post about her and music. Buona Domenica, Linda.

    ps- Huge thanks for informing me on Natasha's SS weekly event. I'll try my best to be able to participate in, because musica is a "must" for my life.

  3. Irene Grandi is one of my favourite Italian artists - great choice for today Linda. Happy Sunday.

  4. That was wonderful. Bravo! Grazie per la (share)don't know how to say share in Itaian.

  5. Diane - That is a shame, I had problems at our last house with such slow internet, such things were impossible! Luckily even though we are still in a rural location have managed to get a wireless connection which is such an improvement.

    Jeannie - All these brilliant Italian artists for you to look forward to enjoying.

    Nihal - It will be fun if you can join us in the Sunday Song

    Cathy - Mine also :)

    Kimberly - Glad you liked it. The verb to share in Italian is dividere.

  6. This is a great song-her voice is quite unusual isn't it. The film clip was excellent too.

    Sorry I haven't been here earlier-life has been crazy here this week! Hope your week has been lovely and thanks for linking up each Sunday. I love to hear your Italian choice of music each week.

    My parents are in Rome now I think. I will make sure my mum follows your blog when she gets back from her trip to Italy as I bet she won't want to forget anything about Italy.

    Best wishes,

  7. Natasha, I am also enjoying the Sunday link ups and sharing music choices from around the world.

    It would be lovely if I am able to share my little piece of Italy with your Mum. Do hope she is enjoying Roma and will introduce herself to me when she gets home.


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