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Saturday, June 26, 2010

XIII Cronoscalata Lago-Montefiascone - Montiafiascone Hill Climb



Last weekend was the 13th Cronoscalata and it was a fun event. On the Saturday morning we went and looked at all the cars that were going to be participating in the race. As you can imagine I took simply loads of photos as we strolled along the lake shore looking at the cars, everything from Fiat 500's to impressive looking racing cars.

I have reproduced most of the photos here as mini-photos, but if you want to see them in their individual glory, please  take a look at my album  Cronoscalata Montefiascone 2010 on Flickr.com.

Mini-Photos of Cronoscalata Entrants Saturday 19th June 2010










On the Sunday morning the weather did not get off to an auspicious start with heavy rain.  We wondered if we were actually going to be able to go and watch without getting soaked! Fortunately by mid morning it had stopped raining and  although the weather remained rather threatening we did need the umbrellas we took with us. We positioned ourselves near the start of the race, where I was surprised how close we were actually able to get to the cars! Anyway we had an excellent position from which to watch the cars set off on their ascent of the zig zag hill that is used for the race. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera on Sunday morning so this second collection of photos are ones taken with my camera phone.

Mini-photos of Cars - Racing  on the Sunday morning June 20th 2010



For full size photos view my album Cronoscalata Montefiascone 2010

This video is a great presentation of this years event from YouTube.  Personally I found the music chosen was not to my taste, so remember you can always view with the speaker volume off. I think some of it must have been filmed on the Saturday afternoon or early Sunday morning by the evidence of the umbrellas!

courtesy of SuperMeis82

For any enthusiasts amongst you I have also included a couple of videos of the two previous years events that I found on YouTube.

11 Cronoscalata Lago - Montefiascone 2008

Courtesy of cleofe93


12^ cronoscalata Lago-Montefiascone 12-13-14 giugno 2009

Courtesy of mhanas

These Hill Race Climbs take place all over Italy and more information can be found about the events at the website dedicated to the Cronoscalata


  1. how fun! This reminds me of the movie Herbie.

  2. What an interesting group of cars that took part.

  3. So many car pics? Now, I really didn't have you down as a "petrol head" ;-) It looks like so much fun though, great. Have a lovely Sunday, Love from London x

  4. I would have loved to have been there, my husband would have had a ball. We used to go to many car events in S.Africa, but this seems to have slipped by the wayside since we moved. Maybe when we are both retired in living in France..... Diane

  5. This sounds really fun!! We fly on in three weeks + one day!

  6. Now that is the kind of race I could enjoy. I think I like the road races more than the track ones - for one thing the scenery is better.
    This would be so much fun because the cars can be different kinds. Did the results depend on the type of car?

  7. Sorry I am so slow in responding to all your comments,
    Elisa - Sadly no Herbies racing though!
    Cathy - Yes ,lots of different classes, I prefer the Fait 500's to the big racing cars.
    M Poirot - that surprised you then!
    Diane - If you check the Website I think they might have Hill Climbs in France as well?
    QJ - Even less time now, good luck :)
    Mya- I think so lots of different classes, of course the overall fastest was a real racing car not a Fiat 500 .


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