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Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fotos - Mei Li and Smirnoff


Two again this week as I am reposting the photograph from my first Friday Foto ,(I know the spelling is naff but it is just a bit of fun), was back in March. I started this series of posts then by featuring our older daughters beautiful cat.

Mei Li is a rescue cat, so not sure of her exact age, maybe about eighteen months, although she behaves like a kitten. 

Mei Li in Hong Kong



Just a few weeks ago our younger daughters boyfriend came home from work with a tiny kitten that he had rescued, abandoned at his place of work by the mother. Really too young to be separated from his mother, with the help of veterinary advice they looked after him, of course how could they not do so, he is now part of the family.  We met this handsome kitten on our short trip to the UK last week and I just had to take a photo or two. Welcome Smirnoff although the one posted here is when he first arrived and was taken by our daughter.

Smirnoff in Salisbury


Our daughters are both really happy to have cats in their lives again, as we always had cats at home when they were growing up.  

Not a true 'News From Italy' post I know but I do sometimes have other topics to touch on. There are family and friends who read these posts that will be interested in this update on family news.


  1. Cats are wonderful company, I had them all my life till I met my husband - he is allergic:( Diane

  2. Such sweet cats!!! After we get into a home, finding a cat is a BIG priority!!! Well for me anyway - not so much for my husband, lol!

  3. AWWWW (hear my squeaky voice?) how sweet does that kitten look... I'd love a cat, but like Diane, my other half's allergic too... bummer! Have a lovely weekend, Love from London, Carole

  4. I miss having cats. My husband is allergic too.

    Your cats are adorable!

  5. They are beautiful - and it's lovely to know that the little one was rescued and now has a good and safe home. I hate to think of little animals - or any animals - being abandoned.

  6. Gorgeous cats Linda, thanks for resharing your first photo.

  7. Never have I been able to get a decent picture picture of our cats - they manage to turn away from the camera at the same time the shutter clicks. Yours are wonderful. you don't drug them, do you
    Glad you are back from your trip all safe and sound.

  8. Thanks for all your comments, three of you with husbands allergic to cats, what a pain!
    I think these two are so sweet because they are both rescue cats which makes their very existence more poignant somehow.
    They seem to love having their photos taken Mya!


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