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Monday, August 16, 2010



The town of Bolsena takes its name from the lake of the same name, it is on the north eastern shores of Lago di Bolsena. While our daughter and her boyfriend were here we took a trip over there to have a walk around the 'centro storico' and have lunch at one of the many restaurants lining the lakeside.

Bolsena has I think a much more touristy seaside feel to it than the other towns surrounding the lake, with more in the way of campsites, agriturismos, hotels and holiday homes it attracts a lot of holiday makers. The resident population of around 4,000 normally grows to approximately 10,000 during the summer months.   Although like the other towns around the lake at least until a couple of weeks ago it was surprisingly quiet this year for the time of year.

Of course with my blog in mind I took loads of photos, the full album is on Flickr entitled Bolsena July 2010 and my particular favourites I am sharing here.


Well I hope you enjoyed your tour of Bolsena as seen through the lens of my camera, I have only shared eight photos and the album has a total of forty-two, so if you want to explore the town in more detail please visit, Bolsena July 2010A special message for those of you that are door fans, I know there are a few of us, it is especially worth going to take a look.

This video I found on YouTube will give you an even better view of this beautiful little town.

courtesy of carmelolombardi

If you are interested in learning more historical facts and other information you can always visit Bolsena - Wikipedia or the Bolsena Official Website

Map courtesy of Google images.

You may also find this map of interest as it shows all the places I have mentioned here recently.

Viterbo, Tuscania, Montefiascone and of course Marta.


  1. What a gorgeous town. Bolsena is a little slice of heaven. I have already viewed some of your photos on Flickr, but will be sure to look at the rest. Especically the ones of the doors. I'm one of those people who love photos of interesting doors (and windows). My vacation photos always include a least a few.

  2. Lindy I love this post and all the great photos you have taken. I particularly like the first two pictures, but think the second one is my favourite with the narrow street. Diane

  3. Hello Linda , yet again fab photos .. your blog is looking really great ,, I love the narrow street too, makes me want walk it but the whole place looks wonderful :-)

  4. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Looks an interesting place LindyLou.

  6. Hello again Lindi.
    When I visited your blog earlier today I tried to follow it, but it denied me. The 3 times I tried it said: "Sorry, but your request can not be answered."
    Now I am here again and the same thing happened!
    Do you think it's happening just with me? Anybody else has said anything about it, yet?
    I will not forget to come back, because I really think I will enjoy your news.
    Let's see what happens!
    See you soon again.

  7. It certainly is a beautiful little town - what lovely pictures! I definitely feel I belong in places like that!!! xxxM

  8. Hello,

    I hope this finds you well.

    What a fantastic place, i love your photos, it really looks so idyllic.

    Love Allison xx

  9. Pam - Welcome, it is great to have you here and I hope you will get to make the trip one day. I must do another door post soon for you then.

    Diane - You may have noticed that all the towns around here are very similar, you would love all the narrow streets.

    Anne - Thanks for your kind words, I hope I am getting the balance right for my readers. It sounds like you would enjoy all the little towns around here as well.

    Laura - It is a pleasure to share a little of our corner of Italy.

    travelingsuep - Yes it is but the everywhere in Italy is I think .

    Simony - What a shame you are unable to sign on as a Follower with Google connect. I hope you are able to resolve the issue with blogspot as I think it must be at your end as I gained another new follower today with no problems. Thanks for visiting and commenting, happy to share a little bit of Italy with you.

    Maggie - Rather different from the towns you are used to.

    Allison - Yes idyllic, shame you were unable to make the trip this year.

  10. Dear Lindy, today it worked like a charm! And I'm here to stay!
    Your town is lovely! Hope someday it will be my husband and I living that dream of moving to Italy!
    My kids are still too young (12 and 7)and I don't know if they would be up to that kind of challenge right now.
    We will keep on dreaming until the right time comes!

  11. If something can be too beautiful, this must be it. These pictures make me take a deep breath and sigh.
    Enjoyed the music in your prior post.

  12. Hi
    I just happened to land on your blog and was immediately drawn to it. I've never been to Italy but when I was young, it was my same dream, to eventually live in Italy. But it didn't happen.

    I am enjoying your photography of what I missed.
    wanna buy a duck

  13. Simony - Ours was a retirement dream for when we became 'empty nesters' and it happened so keep dreaming. I am delighted you managed to sign up as a follower, thankyou.

    Mya - Italy is such a beautiful country I agree, although everywhere there is beauty if you look for it. What is that saying 'The Grass is always Greener :) Glad you enjoyed this Sunday's music.

    Manzanita - Welcome and thankyou for becoming my latest follower and for commenting, it is much appreciated. It is never to late to follow your dreams but meanwhile happy to share our little bit of Italy with you.

  14. An amazing, fabulous place! Now added to the growing list to visit since I've been reading your blog. Love every new adventure! – g

  15. Georgianna - There are so many beautiful places to explore in Italy and I am enjoying sharing with you. I just wish my photography was as good as yours.


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