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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Song - Canzone Dell'Amore Perduto - Fabrizio De Andrè


Photo courtesy of Google images.


Fabrizio De André (18 February 1940 - 11 January 1999) was an Italian singer and songwriter. In his works he often told stories of marginalized and rebellious people. In Italy he is considered a poet because of the quality of his lyrics.

Fabrizio De André is one of the cornerstones of Italian songwriters. Deeply influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen,  He sadly died of lung cancer at the age of 58 after a career spanning nearly forty years. One significant and dramatic event in his life took place in 1979 when he was kidnapped along with his then girlfriend, later second wife Dori Ghezzi and held captive for four months by Sardinian bandits until a ransom was paid. He later claimed he was able to empathise with his captors, but not their bosses. Kidnapping

It is interesting to see how his popularity lives on as no less than five albums have been released since his death.


I have chosen to feature Canzone Dell’Amore Perduto – Song of Love Lost as this weeks Sunday Song.

More biographical and career information can be found about Fabrizio De Andre on both Wikipedia and the Website dedicated to his memory it is from these sites and YouTube that I have found out all my information when researching this post.

With thanks this week also to PoliticalWarrior93 who introduced me to this artist just a few weeks ago in a comment she made after I used one of her videos from YouTube for my Fabrizio Moro post. Coincidence they are both called Fabrizio!

Courtesy of Iamgonnaloveu

Ricordi sbocciavan le viole
con le nostre parole
"Non ci lasceremo mai, mai e poi mai",
vorrei dirti ora le stesse cose
ma come fan presto, amore, ad appassire le rose
così per noi
l'amore che strappa i capelli è perduto ormai,
non resta che qualche svogliata carezza
e un po' di tenerezza.
E quando ti troverai in mano
quei fiori appassiti al sole
di un aprile ormai lontano,
li rimpiangerai
ma sarà la prima che incontri per strada
che tu coprirai d'oro per un bacio mai dato,
per un amore nuovo.
E sarà la prima che incontri per strada
che tu coprirai d'oro per un bacio mai dato,

per un amore nuovo.


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Buono Domenica a Tutti


  1. I'm a big fan of Fabrizio de Andrè. I love the way he tells stories, rather than just bellowing like some other Italian singers (*cough*vascorossi*cough*). Even though I don't understand half of what he sings at the moment, he's rather like Jacques Brel (another one I love) in that he conveys emotion just with his intonation and phrasing.

  2. Ciao! I never heard of the singer but I should listen sometime. Great post!!

  3. It is interesting that if the music is pretty and the manner of the singer is pleasant you can enjoy it even though you do not understand a single word. This was very enjoyable to listen to (I trust he wasn't selling dog food).

  4. As usual Blogger ate my comment ;)
    Very romantic song and tender images, thanks so much.

  5. I love Dylan and Cohen, but mostly for the lyrics, and sadly my Italian isn't up to this...

  6. This is a very romantic clip to with this gorgeous song! I agree with Mya too;it is lovely that we can enjoy this music without having to speak a word of Italian! That is the beauty of music isn't it-"Music knows no Boundaries!"

    Thanks for linking up Lindy Lou and sharing this beautiful music for Sunday Song.

    Best wishes,

  7. What a wonderful choice, Linda. One of the songs I love so much. The reason of my love Fabrizio is, that his songs have an effect to nourish my soul deeply. Everytime Fabrizio, Fabrizio again.

  8. My hubby and I are big fans - he was a brilliant man, and a great poet, for sure. :) My dad used to sang me "La canzone di Marinella" and "Crêuza de mä" as a lullaby when I was a little girl. :)

  9. Katja - It was his poetic way of writing that the person who introduced me to him liked as well.

    Sweet Life - Listening to Italian songs will certainly help you with your Lessons :)

    Mya - No too poetic for that, I hope having the words helps follow even if you do not understand a single word.

    Alessandra - I wonder why it does that to you? Glad you enjoyed the song this week.

    Rachel - His lyrics are also very poetic which is I suppose why he is compared to them. As someone else says you do not actually need to understand the lyrics to enjoy. Does having the Italian words help. There was some discussion about me including translation as well here, but decided the individual could find them if they wanted, any thoughts?

    Natasha - I am glad you feel you can enjoy without understanding, love your quote. As I have said above how do you feel about a translation?

    Nihal - Thanks, his words are very poetic aren't they.

  10. Kia - Your comment appeared just after my last batch of replies, thankyou for commenting. He does seem to be popular in Italy and I am surprised I had never come across his music before, or certainly if I have heard him on the radio I was not aware who it was performing.

  11. At last I have heard your Sunday Song :-)
    I have never heard of Fabrizio de Andrè but I enjoyed this. Diane

  12. Diane - Neither had I until very recently, but even if you do not understand he is very good, I am delighted you have been able to listen for a change :)


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