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Monday, October 11, 2010

Capodimonte–Scenes From Late Summer Strolls–Lago di Bolsena–Part Three



This is the third and final post on late summer strolls that we took while we had friends staying during September. Last week I posted our Stroll Around Bolsena and the week before Stroll Around Marta and wrote a little about how these particular friends helped us decide on this beautiful area when we where planning our relocation to Italy.

Having done the majority of the tourist musts for the region including staying in Roma, when they visit nowadays it is to ‘chill’ that is the expression I believe. We talk, eat, drink and take a little gentle exercise whilst exploring a little more the region they have grown to love along with us.

I always have my camera with me so I can now share with you, some of the scenes we saw on our strolls around three of the towns on the shores of Lago di Bolsena, Marta, Bolsena and Capodimonte.  If you would like to to learn more about these places then just click on the place names, highlighted in blue, which will take you to Wikipedia links with information and other suggested links of interest about these towns.

Today we stroll around Capodimonte. These particular friends have already explored the ‘centro storico’ many times before so this walk was along the lakeside.


Did you notice how few people there were around for such a beautiful day in September, which is definitely considered out of season in Capodimonte.

If you are interested the complete set of photos from our stroll can be viewed in My Flickr Album  Capodimonte - Scenes From a Stroll

I have also posted one of these photos on the Photography Blog Beautiful World that I contribute to. Can you guess which one?


  1. I really enjoyed that walk about. Love the last picture best of all though. DCiane

  2. What beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting them!

  3. Salut and Bonjour Lindy. Those photos are brilliant, I love the kind of "summery-haziness" they have - if that makes any sense at all. Looking at those summery photos, I really wonder what the weather is doing in Italy right now? We've had 22degrees C here in London yesterday which is madness...

    Thanks so much for your continued lovely comments, I'm always happy when I see you've stopped by even if I seem to find less and less time to "do the rounds", it doesn't mean that I'm not interested, only that I seem to take on more stuff all the time which results in less and less time...

    Have a lovely week, Love from London xo

  4. SO beautiful!! I just love summer strolls, ANY kind of strolls, really. And your photos are just wonderful. :-)

  5. Thanks for the wonderful walks ... it looks fabulous, and certainly the right time of year for us... Less people. .. Thanks Linda for the great photos too.

  6. Gorgeous photos!! The sky is just so much prettier in Italy - love it! I love going for lovely, long walks too.

  7. Lovely photos. All the sailboats reminds me of where I live.

  8. Love love LOVE..the photos. Makes me want to visit Italy even more. Such beautiful scenery. :) Hope you're having a great week, Lindy!!


    P.S. Your newly remodeled bathroom looks very impressive. I love it. Great work!

  9. Diane - I know I so wished that was me!
    Misha - I enjoy sharing them, so pleased you liked them.
    Mademoiselle P - I understand the feeling, so much one wants to do and not enough time. Temps here have been low 20's but slowly dropping now according to forecast. We had a day of rain yesterday (Monday)so were pleased we had finished the grape harvest.
    Rambling Tart -Thankyou so much for calling by and commenting, glad you enjoyed your stroll.
    Anne - Glad you enjoyed the walks in Italy as I always enjoy your travels.
    Jeannie - It sounds like you are settling in here.
    citymouse - I must check and see if your blog tells me but are you lake, river or sea?
    Dawn - Thanks for the compliment about the bathroom and glad you enjoy the Italian scenery.

  10. Pretty pictures LindyLou. Glad you had such nice weather too.

  11. travelingsuep - The weather is most often still very pleasant in September and October and the tourists have all gone!

  12. Delightful...makes me want to pack up my folding chair and book!

  13. Take me for a stroll anytime. Always enjoy your pictures. Again, the water front is my favorite place to be, and this lake is beautiful - I don't guess there is a walk around the whole lake.
    I like Bocelli, he is one of my favorite singers. One thing I like about his voice is the naturalness. Can not explain it too well, but some opera singers are so 'trained' that they do not sound comfortable - I guess that is the way they are suppose to sound but I like the way Bocelli sounds; his voice lends itself to all kinds of music. Of course this critique comes from me, a musical novice at best.

  14. The water is always so incredibly BLUE! Love your pictures without words. Like a real stroll in a hazy Italian world. Lovely!

  15. Thanks for taking me on the walk with you!The water is just beautiful!

  16. wow, I totally "lived" through your photos from the most recent post! Found you on the nestwork and SO happy that I did :) I am Sicilian, my family is from Palermo, Sicily and I have ALWAYS dreamed of visiting Italy. With a husband and two, small boys...doesn't look like that trip is happening anytime soon, so I'll visit through your blog! SO happy I found you!!! New follower!!!

  17. I've just discovered your blog thru Fun, Food and Life (Diane) and look forward to your future posts. We have travelled Italy but mostly France. Over the last few months we have been retelling our 2006 trip on http://melbourneourhome.blogspot.com/
    You are now on my faves.
    Leon and Sue

  18. Patricia - I know like the gentleman I photographed:)
    Mya - It is a large lake I think nearly fifty miles but that is without checking. You can walk by the lake in a lot of places but not all the way round, you would have to go inland in certain areas. I know exactly what you mean about Bocelli's voice it is very natural. Delighted you enjoyed your stroll and the music.
    Angela - Words seemed irrelevant in this case, so pleased you enjoyed.
    Linda - You are welcome, thanks for joining us and commenting.
    Marissa - Welcome as a new follower, I am happy to have you here and to share our little bit of Italy with you until you can come and see for yourself.
    Leon and Sue - Welcome via Diane, we often compare our gardens. I look forward to you visiting and commenting thankyou. I will also go and take a look at your blog.


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