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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Top Ten Posts From The Bloggers in Italy – Learn about Winemaking, Mushrooms and Italy’s Water Footprint amongst other things!

This week I am delighted to have been honoured again with a lovely compliment by the following Blog.

italytutto – the blog about the blogs and bloggers in italy for my recent post  Grape Harvest and Winemaking

This blog does a fantastic job of keeping track of bloggers in Italy and I am sharing the list with you here, so if you are interested please go and have a browse around by just clicking on the links. I found them all interesting but the one that surprised me was the size of Italy's water footprint which Living in Rome featured for Blog Action Day on October 15th, which I have mentioned in the title as it is a fascinating read!  A quote from the post ‘Italy lags only a little behind the United States in the league table of world champion water guzzlers!’

  top ten posts from the bloggers in Italy


The choice of the posts from the bloggers in Italy this week (in alphabetical order):

Beautiful Liguria: Genoa street food style
Genoese fast food shops

Bell’ Avventure: Capricious Capri
What not to do on a trip to Capri

Casa Margherita: A rakes progress
The new versions might not look so good, but they don’t rust

Elizabeth Minchili in Rome: Fun with funghi
Mushrooms are good and plentiful this year in Rome

Italian Notebook: Angolo del Pescatore
Where the fisherman eat near Ravenna

Life in AbruzzoFrattoli’s dizzy gastro walking
Exploring, rambling and dining in Frattoli

Living in Rome: Italy’s water footprint on blog action day
A kilo of pasta has a water footprint of 1,900 litres of water

News from Italy: Grape harvest and wine making
Moving from grape juice to wine

Rome Every Day: From the Mexican artist Rivelino
Ten mute bronze busts and the theme of silence

Wandering Italy: Malgrate Castle
At the borgo italytutto calls home

This excellent blog is maintained by a freelance writer with wide experience who first started writing this blog at the beginning of 2009 to keep track of all her favourite bloggers in Italy.

At the beginning of 2010, she made a lifestyle choice and gave up full-time corporate life to spend more time at her home in Lunigiana in Northern Tuscany, she now divides her time between Italy and the UK.

I enjoy reading this feature on a regular basis and through italytutto have discovered lots of great blogs on Italy which I hope some of you will now maybe discover for yourselves.

News From Italy has had the honour of being featured a couple of times previously and the lists can be found here on August 4th 2010 and here on August 30th 2010.


  1. My mind is OH-So-much on Italy this week! And this post (with links to some other wonderful blogs) has come along at the absolute PERFECT TIME!!! I can't tell you how much I enjoy my visits here . . . :) :) :)

  2. Congratulations! I think there are some interesting topics in the above blogs. I hope to find time to visit at least a few of them. Thank you for pointing me in their direction.

  3. Great job! Congratulations, you're in great company!

  4. Congratulations on being featured!

    Water is really on my mind today. Our water bill came and it is ridiculously high. I have to find a way to conserve.

  5. Leanne -It makes me happy that you are enjoying your virtual visits to Italy.
    Sue - There are just so many brilliant blogs out there so I find lists like this help make sure I catch some of the most interesting ones.
    Alessandra :) Grazie
    Lakeviewer - That's the thing I feel it is an honour to be included!
    Unknown Mami - Take a look at this link for ideas http://bleedingespresso.com/2010/10/21-easy-ways-to-conserve-water-blog-action-day-2010.html

  6. This is really wonderful – congrats on being on the list and well deserved! I'm sure I will spend more than a few minutes exploring these blogs! Have a super weekend. – g

  7. So many blogs, so little time!! Well done for being included on the list, as well!

  8. Georgianna - Thanks for your kind words, I hope you enjoy exploring the other blogs. Have a good weekend yourself as well.
    Karen - I know, I wish we had longer, days, weeks years, just so much 'one' wants to achieve :)


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