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Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Foto - San Pellegrino in Fiore


I thought the colour of this member of the daisy family that I captured at the San Pellegrino in Fiore last Sunday was so fabulous that I decided straight away it would be this week's Friday Foto.



  1. What camera do you use ?

    And do you recommend it ?

    I'm in the market for one that lets me do more than take dark fuzzy pictures ( :

  2. Yes - I'm not surprised. What a wonderful colour! Love, Maggie xxx

  3. Sarah - I upgraded my camera just before we went to China as I wanted something that would take good photos without being too huge to carry with me all the time! After some research ended up with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ65 which I am really pleased with, you have seen for yourself the results. I think the 12x optical zoom and the 25mm ultra wide angle lens help. I am still learning how to get the best from it though :)

    Maggie, unbelievable depth of colour I thought!

  4. Great photo, but I really love those in the post below. I love it when there are flowers out and about everywhere. It would have been lovely to see them all out.

    Also with regards to your message on my blog you can include me in the italian language thing...not that I have any idea what you are on about!

  5. This is a great photo Linda, the colour is just glorious. We really should make the effort to go one year.

  6. Beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Leanne - Thanks for commenting, I am pleased you enjoyed the San Pellegrino photos. As for the Italian language post, all will be revealed shortly:)
    Cathy - So much depends on the weather and other demands on your time:)
    Some Birds - It is a pleasure

  8. That is a gorgeous flower! Thanks for the link. I would love to know what it is called. At least we know it is from the daisy family now-thanks!

    Best wishes,

  9. If I ever find out will let you know Natasha.


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