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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

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This was the scene outside this morning just after 8am when we were experiencing yet another torrential rain storm. We have been experiencing storms like this all week and they are set to last at least until Sunday looking at the forecasts.


  1. No fun!!! You can't go out exploring in that!

  2. Hi Linda.. Oh dear that is not fun at all :-( lets hope it improves very very quickly. And that it does not blow over to us .

  3. Hi Linda....

    While it's NOT raining over here-- It could be by the looks of the sky! It's cold and gray... Not my cup of tea!


  4. That does look depressing, hope you are cosying up inside and taking it easy till the sun arrives.

  5. Well, legal residents again and for 10 years! Congratulations.
    Harsh weather in so many areas. In our own section of the county we have been lucky, but we keep our fingers crossed. Such fierce happenings in other places. Hope yours clears up and that your new plantings along the waterfront will not be damaged.
    Is there a festival going on somewhere most every weekend? We have a lot of fall festivals here, mostly in smaller towns, but I think yours in Italy are probably more festive, and the scenery, and buildings are so spectacular.

  6. So rainy here too! But the sun comes out every once in a while...I think.

  7. Jeannie, Anne, Leesa, Jenny and Some Birds - We were lucky two hours later the sun came out and we were able to attend the Grande Festa Mercarto (Large Special Market)that takes place before our little towns annual thanksgiving festa tomorrow. Forecast is not good still very stormy and unsettled, so keeping our fingers crossed. It will go ahead but I do not fancy standing in the rain to watch processions!
    Mya - Thanks, the work on the lake front is coming on fast now, although not completed for tomorrow, bad weather has held it up. Yes during the spring and summer there is usually a celebration of something or other going on most weekends. I hope to visit some and show you photos here, weather permitting.

  8. It's getting a bit depressing this weather isn't it?! I might as well be back in Scotland with all this rain!

  9. Yikes that looks like no fun weather!

    just stopping to remind you to join us at Friday~~Finding Beauty.

    Im certainly missing a bit of Italy lately :)


  10. I hope the rain has stopped for you LindyLou. If you could send a little this way, I'm sure it would be appreciated - soooo HOT!

  11. Same here. It looks like it'll clear up for us by tomorrow, but since when is the weatherman ever right???!

  12. Raining down here now so maybe you'll get the sunshine!

  13. Sarah, Claudia, Sue, Rowena, Pat. Thanks ladies, however the rain did not stop all weekend! Today it is marginally improved with sunshine and showers.
    Sue, you are welcome to the rain, we have had more than enough to last for the next few summers!!!


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