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Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Foto - What is this?





Whilst gardening recently I came across a couple of these, most peculiar!  Any ideas what it is please? A fungus of some description maybe but what is it called, does anyone know. I have been unable to find out any information from books or the internet.


  1. OMG Linda!!!

    That's the WEIRDEST thing EVER!!! At first, I thought it was the insides of a watermelon cut up in a strange way!! I have absolutely NO idea whatsoever.. Maybe someone will know.. but definitely drop me a line if you find out...
    Have a great weekend...

  2. Oh my word, that looks creepy! I wonder what it could be?? That rain has really done some funny things to your garden I think!

    Best wishes for a dry and happy weekend,

  3. Interesting Linda. I have no idea; I hope someone can help you out.

  4. oh wow - that is definitely bizarre! I've never seen anything like it.

  5. I agree with another commenter- I almost thought it was a watermelon. So weird!

    Thanks for stopping by my SITS day on Monday!

  6. Have a look here:


    I have to say I think that beats my sauerkraut...

  7. Thanks everyone and welcome Shell! Congratulations to Anne and Leesa who did all the work for me while I was out this morning! Sorry Deborah they beat you to it, but I think you have already found that out. Oh yes your sauerkraut.
    I am now going to post the update before going out to celebrate at the Festa. Fireworks this evening if it stops raining!

  8. No idea! I thought it was water melon too, at first.

  9. Sorry, can't help. It looks like an alien invader..... M xxx

  10. Maggie, it does rather doesn't it. I have sent you the link to the answer.

    WL - Yes a certain resemblance I suppose in miniature.


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