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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Song - Festa della Mamma


Today here in Italy and some other countries around the world it is 'Festa della Mamma'.  This however is not the case in the UK so as I am an English mother with English daughters I consider that 'Mothering Sunday' is always the fourth Sunday in Lent and the date when I celebrate along with my mother and my mother-in-law.

Greetings however to those of you who are celebrating with your families today. 

Mothers' Day Cake.jpg

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

In Italy 'Festa della Mamma is held on the second Sunday in May and I believe it is a fairly new celebration first celebrated in the city of Assisi in 1957. I have also been told and seen examples of the cards and poems that the children prepare for their Mothers in school to present to them today.

If you take a look at this chart at Wikipedia you can see the different dates all over the world used to celebrate Mothers Day.

In honour of 'Festa della Mamma' I have chosen Josh Groban singing 'Per Te' as my Italian Sunday Song this week  which I hope you will enjoy.

Courtesy of vincedc55

Find out more about Josh Groban by visiting his official website.
http://www.joshgroban.com or Wikepidia- Josh Groban where you will find lots of information.

Joshua Winslow Groban, Born February 27th 1981 in Los Angeles, California.


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  1. I hope you have a good day today Linda. I had never heard of this young man before, thanks for posting this song.

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Linda! (Even if you aren't actually celebrating today!)

  3. He has a great voice and he is singing in Italian so beautifully. Does he have any Italian in his background? The orchestra is amazing too.

    Thanks for posting this-I am going to have google him now!

    Best wishes and happy Festa della Mamma!

  4. Happy Un-Mother's Day to you, too! There is nothing wrong with celebrating Mother's Day twice in one year. Just saying....

  5. what is this shit? this is not representative of italian music

  6. Wish you Happy Mothers Day and many more, Linda. Istanbul today was the busiest one! From early morning until these hours, late evening, flowers flowerists on the streets to be able to deliver orders to the waiting mothers! Oh my, she spreads her love, and flowers not enough for you all:)

  7. Thanks for sharing, I love Italian as a language in songs. Love from London and Joyeuse fête des mères ;-) x

  8. I love learning about different cultural celebrations...thanks for sharing that chart and for introducing me to Mothering Sunday. Hope you had a nice weekend.

  9. Happy belated Mother's Day to you! Another thing to look forward to for next year, lol!

  10. Thankyou every one for your Mother's Day Greetings, as Pam says nothing wrong with celebrating twice.
    To those of you who enjoyed Josh Groban great, I thought it was rather fun!
    As for Anon who thinks otherwise, suggestions for songs and singers representative of Italian music in your opinion are always welcome!

  11. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers whether they celebrate it today or on another day.


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