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Monday, May 3, 2010

Marta Lakeside - All Change Update Number One


When I was in Marta last Thursday morning I went to take a look at how the work was progressing. Although there has been a lot of work done since that stormy dark day last month Marta Lakeside - All Change when I first posted about this project, there still looks an awful lot of work to be done I think. I was also rather surprised that everything was at a complete standstill on Thursday morning, not a worker in sight, just the solitary duck from my Friday Foto

It was a relief though to see that the trees have at least been replaced.

It is now looking feasible that the work may just be completed by mid May in time for Marta's most important festival the ‘Festa delle Madonna del Monte.’(link to my newsletter for June 2009 in which I very briefly mentioned this important Marta Festa. This year I hope to be able to cover the event more comprehensively.

With less than two weeks to go now there is still a lot to be done!



070 072



So far so good I think this will all look very attractive once completed.


  1. we're always on the lookout for a good Festa. What are the exact dates?

  2. Good afternoon,
    Amazing what a little foliage can do. This is really looking nice. For you and others that live in that area and along this lakeside, this must be very reassuring.

  3. Soon, soon!! I can't wait to have posts like yours; to have a life like yours, lol!! Hugs!

  4. Lovely photos Linda. I look forward to the next update.

  5. Yes, at least the trees have been replaced. Hopefully they will soon grow and become well established. It was certainly a shock to see what they had done - it was so nice beforehand. And yes, it does look as if they will have to get themselves well into gear if it's all to be finished in time for the festival! No room for the 'manana syndrome'!!!

    Much love, Maggie

  6. Hello Linda... thank you for you comment, I am going to have a lot of catching up to do when I get home..Having fun in Paris and met new friends.

    I am happy that work is prgressing , I am sure it is going to look good, and hopefully especially for the important festa!

  7. Never mind the works...it's that blue, blue sky that gets my attention! Lovely trees though ;-) Love from London x

  8. Carol - May 14th, I have answered in more detail on FB.
    Mya - Yes, I think the finished project will be fine.
    Queenie Jeannie - 70 + days and counting, not long now!
    Cathy - Thanks, I wonder if my next update will be before the Festa next Friday?
    Maggie - I think it will all blend in very quickly once completed.
    Anne - We are keeping our fingers crossed for next week.
    M.P. It was rather a wonderful blue, been grey ever since!


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