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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Garden in April - Il Nostro Giardino in Aprile



The garden has probably been at its most attractive this month, although it is something we will be working on to try and improve so that we have some colour somewhere in the garden throughout the year.

It has been very difficult to choose just a small selection of photos for you to see this month. If you are a keen gardener, or maybe just interested anyway, I invite you to look at my full selection of photos taken in the garden so far this year by clicking on this blue link.  Our Garden April 2010

These are a few of my favourites from this month. I also used some from this album for my Friday Fotos this month, Magnolia, Apricot Blossom and Tulips






It is May 1st Labour Day or Festa dei Lavoratori and is a public holiday so I intend to relax and enjoy our garden and the sunshine while it lasts as rain is forecast for tomorrow.


  1. Oh wow !!

    I only have the lillacs in bloom, I bought them as teeny tiny dirt cheapo "on sale" items four years agao, and they looked like twipgs for a couple of years. Now they are bigger than us and for the first time this year were just smothered in flowers which let off an amazing perfume night and day for the last two weeks. I have pleanty of stuff offering colour in autumn and winter, but so little for spring. This must be addressed !!!

  2. The flowers are stunning, you are so very lucky to have such established plants.

    I would as you, relax and enjoy if they were in my garden.
    Hope you are both well

    allison xx

  3. I am speechless, those flowers are breathtaking! I can smell them...

    Auguri for tomorrow and enjoy the perfumed beauty around you.

  4. Bonjour, those photos are beautiful! I cannot believe it's so very grey and rainy here... Have a lovely weekend, Love from London x

  5. Gorgeous photos! And they are so clear and crisp! Your garden must be lovely. Blossom has been wonderful here this year - apparently due to the foul winter. So there are compensations for all that snow and aggravation!

  6. Thanks ladies for your comments and compliments. The weather has been foul here for the last few days and the rain is ruining all the beautiful colours!

  7. Gorgeous! Thanks for educating me on wisteria!


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