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Monday, May 10, 2010

Tuscania in celebration

On Friday and over the weekend the local town of Tuscania held its annual 'Tuscania si mostra' which I think translates something like Tuscania herself in exhibition. Anyway it is a Fiera/Fair that was originally an agricultural event but sadly these days it is far from that.

In essence it mainly consists of a very large market spread throughout the centro storico (old historic centre) and also spilling out on to the roads immediately outside the old town walls.
The stalls were of a very diverse nature local and national Italian produce and various artisans such as artists, jewellery makers,woodworkers and glassblowers. Antique dealers, plant salesmen along side all the shoes, clothes, linen and household items that one finds at every market in Italy.  We also saw a procession along the streets of some of the actors and actresses from the Tuscania theatre.


For the first time I have been able to share the photographs with you in the form of a mosaic which I have spent all morning working out how to do. As most of you who read this will know I am far from technically minded.
If you want to see them in normal format you can do so here at My Flickr account.

After a week of unsettled weather with rather a lot of rain it made a pleasant change to be able to go out and have a late afternoon passeggiata, as you can see from the photos a lot of other people also had the same idea.


  1. Hello Linda.. how wonderful these Festas are.. I think they are so great.

    Your photos are brilliant and I love your mosaics.. well done.

  2. Looks like you made a better choice than we did.The Sagre di Pecorino Romano in Nepi was a disappointment. Could be that we arrived too early, but it wasn't very festive.I've got 3 different sources to consult for spring/summer festas. Dont want to miss any good ones.

  3. Well done with the mosaic photo. When I got to go out I couldn't get over how many people were fuori porta.

  4. Well done on your photo collage :-) How I'd love to be in Italy taking part in festivities like that...swoon. Thanks for your comment, it made me smile ;-) Love from London x

  5. Really like the mosaics. I am having trouble even publishing a post with 3 pictures. Who knows what types of problems I would have if I tried something like that. We enjoyed the cinghale sagra in Castiglion Fiorentino. Perhaps we should try to find one in the middle between us and meet at it.

  6. oh , how i would of loved to have gone to this!

  7. Is that a costumed character on stilts??? Looks like it was a fun even with great weather. We are looking at another week of rain with sun forecasted for the weekend. I'm crossing my fingers!

  8. I love that bra !!

    Our mostre are a bit less flamboyant. The costumes seem to be made out of curtains that survived the 70s.

  9. Anne - Thanks, one of the fun parts of living here is all the festas!
    Carol - There are just so many to choose from, a year will not be long enough.
    Cathy - Thanks, yes it was busy,taking advantage of the slightly better weather and probably walking off Mothers Day lunches.
    Mademoiselle P - Thanks, the festas are certainly fun here, so glad I made you smile.
    Martha - Thanks I am still learning. Meeting half way sounds like a good idea, let me know if anything comes up. Our first guests arrive soon though so not sure when we will be free now. When are you moving?
    Gina - Are there not lots going on near you?
    Rowena - Yes they were on stilts!
    Sarah - Well it was the flamboyancy that caught my eye. I looked at the costumes more closely and you are absolutely right :)

    Thanks to you all for your comments which I always enjoy reading.


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