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Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Foto - Simple Doorway and Cobbled Street = Marta


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  1. Hello Linda.. I love doors too! I wonder what is behind them :-)

  2. This looks exactly like a picture I took of a door on Wednesday in La Rochefoucauld!!! Diane

  3. Is this a side door?? I love the color!

  4. I love doors too! Not very original, and these towns of ours hold so many interesting ones. Good choice today for Friday Foto!

  5. I really like that. Simple images are often the most powerful... and doors are always intriguing!

  6. Beautiful! I'm always taking pictures of doors.

  7. That's a really beautiful and simple picture. I love it when the most normal/every day seeming item/scene is being seen as something special. Thanks for your comment on my stall, isn't it funny that I fulfilled your expectations ;-) ? Hope you have a lovely weekend, Love from London x

  8. Linda- This is beautiful! I love the composition... So many different "textures" in this photo.. Well done! Happy Sunday to you!

  9. Anne - Maybe an ape(the little three wheeler car) and wine-making stuff. I will try and get some photos that give a peep inside some of these sometime.
    Diane - That,s interesting, are you going to post it?
    Jeannie - No, it is a door to a large storage area on the ground floor with living accommodation above.
    Cathy - I think they are fascinating.
    Rachel - Thanks, yes I also find them intriguing
    Some Birds - Do you blog your door photos?
    Mademoiselle - Thanks, you fulfilled them in the best possible way.
    Leesa - Thanks for the comment.


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