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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Song - Sergio Cammariere


As I promised on last weeks Sunday Song post  Buon Ferragosto I am going to feature the three Italian male singers  individually over the next few weeks, starting today with Sergio Cammariere.


Image Courtesy of http://www.udine20.it/sergio-cammariere-11-marzo-a-gorizia/


Sergio Cammariere was born in Crotone, Italy in November 1960 and is now regarded as a talented singer pianist within the genre of jazz and pop. He takes his inspiration from Italian composers, Latin America and the music of both classical and contemporary musicians.  I have included a list of all his released music below, the first full length album 'Dalla Pace del Lontano' appeared in 2002. For more information on some of the music mentioned, just click on the blue links below the album artwork. It was in this year that his career really seems to have taken off and he won a number of prestigious awards.In 2003 he participated for the first time in the San Remo Song Festival  with 'Tutto quello che un uomo'  He comes third winning both the 'Critics Award' and the award for 'Best Musical Composition'.

2004 saw the release of his next album 'Sul Sentiero' a mixture of soul, Latin American rhythms and instrumental jazz. It is not until 2006 that his third album 'Il Pane, Il Vino e La Visione' is released another beautiful musical journey of love, the only language that needs no translation.  The next album he released in 2008 was called 'Cantautore Piccolino' and is a compilation album of songs chosen by his fans.

I decided to include last weeks choice again,' Estate' but with a different video, as I found it so relaxing.  It is after all the most appropriate for the time of year as it is still 'Summer' at least for those of us living in the northern hemisphere. My second choice is 'Sorella Mia' another one I personally found very summery.

I think it is very likely that I will be featuring Sergio Cammariere here again on Sunday Song in the future.


Estate (Summer) - Sergio Cammariere


Both of the YouTube videos featured here today are courtesy of marinellaforever

Sorella mia (My Sister) - Sergio Cammariere



Carovane 2009                               Cantautore piccolino     2008               Il pane, il vino e la visione 2006

Sul sentiero  2004                               Tutto quello che un uomo  2003    Dalla pace del mare lontano 2002


Tempo perduto                                      I ricordi e le persone                Kunstler - Cammariere & Stress Band


More biographical and career information can be found about Sergio Cammariere on both  Wikipedia and on his Official Website it is from these sites and YouTube that I have found out all my information when researching this post


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Buono Domenica Tutti


  1. Lindy, thanks for sharing this artist with us! His voice is very romantic. I could feel a bit of Latin American rhythm on the second song. I love Italian music in general because of the sound of their language.

  2. Very relaxing indeed! Having a hard time keeping my eyes open! ;-)

  3. I really enjoy your selection in music. I like the diversity you share with us. Love the sound of Sergio.

  4. Simony - I am so pleased that you enjoyed this weeks selection, I noticed Latin American rhythmn in the second one as well :)

    Saretta - Yes very relaxing, did you know this artist already?

    Contessa - Thanks, I do try to make it diverse :)

  5. Jeannie - Thankyou, how are you enjoying Italian music?

  6. That second song is gorgeous-what a voice and yes, it is very romantic as Simony suggested! I might have to see if I can get this on itunes!

    Thanks for linking up with Sunday Song each week Lindy Lou! I love your Italian choices.

    Best wishes,

  7. Natasha - I like joining in and listening to every ones choices with a cup of coffee:)


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