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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Foto - Fresh Fruit


There is something, I think very special about harvesting fruit from your own land and being able to eat fruit fresh from the tree.

These peaches were picked from just one of our peach trees the other morning.

Then some of them ended up as lunch in amongst this delicious selection.

Last Friday I discovered that Laura from  Ciao Amalfi  also has a Photo Friday Feature and last week we had both chosen the same Blue theme.   Mediterranean Beauty   and  August Blue

The Amalfi Coast is somewhere that David and I have loved for many years and reading Laura's blog keeps those memories fresh for us until the next time we have an opportunity to visit the area again.   Do pop over and take a look at Ciao Amalfi  you are in for a treat.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and to those of you in Italy Buon Ferragosto.



  1. Lucky lady to be living over there, and in such a beautiful area.. Just look at those peaches.. and they are all from your tree ♥

    Have a wonderful weekend too :-)

  2. Mmmmm we have not got any peach trees they look good. Never the less I do not think I could cope with more fruit at the moment. There are just so many plums this year...... Diane

  3. Anne - I know and we have more trees not quite ripe yet, not so heavily loaded though. I wish I was able to share some with you.

    Diane - We have dried some of our plums and are very pleased with the results. Have you dried any?

  4. So Yummy! I love peaches!

    Happy Friday the 13th to ya, Linda!...love this day!


  5. Your lunch looks delish! We have a peach orchard just outside my town. I've been wanting to make peach ice cream, so maybe this would be a good weekend to have at it!

  6. Those peaches look just gorgeous and there are so many of them!

  7. I have a cantaloupe that is calling my name.

    ps. you won the giveaway on my blog!

  8. How lovely to be able to harvest your own. Buon ferragosto!

  9. Hi Linda!
    We just had our first Italian peach. Bought one at the market yesterday and not only are they delicious but giant. They are three times as big as ours in Texas!
    Going to Capri in the morning, I am loving your side of the world :)

  10. These are beautiful! My grandfather loves peaches. He has my grandmother slice them, put a bit of sugar on top and lets them sit in the fridge overnight. Sounds strange, perhaps but the end result is excellent!

    Buon Ferragosto!

  11. So much for an ill-rendering orto this year!! Lindy those peaches are making me drool, and that melon composition... stunning.

    Heading over to see Laura's Photo Friday now, she's an old blog friend, and her stories of my second home–the Amalfi Coast–make my head spin and heart beat a little faster every time.

    Ciao and Buon Ferragosto to you too!
    E xx

  12. Pam - It is Friday 17th that the Italians are superstitious of.

    citymouse - Peach ice cream that sounds delicious.

    Cathy - Yes it had been a good year for fruit.

    Damaris - How exciting, I will pop over later on to see what I need to do :)

    WL - Yes it is fun, Buon Ferragosto to you also.

    Mickey - So pleased you are enjoying your trip.

    Some Birds - I always have fresh fruit for breakfast, but no sugar for me.

    Eleonora - Fruit doesn't count as not part of the orto :) Our veggies really have been very disappointing this year :(
    I thought your second love outside Roma was in Toscana. We also really really love Amalfi, my in laws used to own a holiday home there. I sometimes wonder if that is where we should be living, but I love Marta as well now :)


  13. How lovely to have your own peaches. You have a little piece of heaven where you live. Have a great weekend! Susan :)

  14. Neil and Susan - We are certainly enjoying having our own peaches. Yes I think we do have a little piece of heaven where we live and consider ourselves blessed to be here. I do also think that your own location looks pretty heavenly.

  15. Ooooohhh! I am jealous! These peaches look wonderful - I love peaches but it's so hard to get decent ones here. I bought a pack of 4 the other day at Waitrose - usually pretty reliable for good stuff - and they were horrible. We had to throw them away. I have a nice recipe for peach, rocket and gruyere salad as a starter but you're pretty well stymied unless you can get some decent peaches. By the way, I did resend that email that your computer had eaten - hope you got it. Life there sounds lovely - I think I live in the wrong country sometimes as I just love the Mediterranean lifestyle. Perhaps in my next incarnation.....

  16. Beautiful, this brings back childhood memories of picking peaches from trees on holiday in Portugal... Anyway, Lindy, thank you so much for your kind and wise words on my blog. They really mean so much to me - more than I can say here... Just know that I really appreciate and value each thought, comment and word... Lots of Love from London, Carole xo

  17. Here I am again, envy you the peaches , although we do sometimes have lovely ones from the Okanogan valley. Mother used to 'can' lots in Alberta, from B.C. Happy days to all , Joyce .

  18. I live in Georgia which is called The Peach State, and South Carolina, bordering us, also is known for her peaches. I think there is a little bit of rivalry there. Your peaches look just as good. We cut them up and add them to many things: eat them as is, ice cream, smoothies, sauces for meats, etc. If I had more room I would freeze them.

  19. Oh WOW. Amazing harvest. We have some apples that need picking...

  20. Maggie - that salad recipe sounds good.

    Carol - It is a pleasure, even virtual friends can be there for you :)

    Joyce - It is so kind of you to comment here, I appreciate it. I am going to reply to your email later.

    Mya - We had to buy an extra freezer when we moved to this house.

    Rachel - It has been good for fruit this year, also lots of apples.


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