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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Montefiascone - “Sagra della Salsiccia”(Sausage Festival)


This Festa was held in the grounds of the Villa San Giuseppe Località Mosse a suburb of Montefiascone one of our nearby towns perched high above the shores of the Lago di Bolsena with the most fantastic westerly views some of which I have posted before and I have also mentioned the town in recent posts such as Volo di Vino and Il Caminetto both favourite places of ours which are in Montefiascone.

The " Sagra della Salsiccia" took place over the weekend of July 24/25th and as one of our daughters and her boyfriend were staying with us at the time, we decided to go along with them plus another couple of friends on the Saturday evening to enjoy the festivities. As you can see from the photos it was held in a beautiful setting high above the lake.  The atmosphere was lively with a real cross section of age groups with traditional Italian music with an accordion player as entertainment. After our sausage supper some of us even joined in with a little dancing, embarrassing for some members of our party maybe.  A fun and light hearted evenings entertainment with delicious food at low cost.  Yet another example of the Italians knowing how to enjoy themselves.

Villa San Giuseppe.

Unusually at this Sagra having purchased your food tickets and wine you then found yourself a table. The food tickets were collected from you and the food delivered to you at the table. No queuing for your food at this one.


Bread, Mini Salami Sausages, Pasta, Sausage Chop and Chips, then ice cream for dessert all for 15 Euros.

Sunset that evening as viewed from the Sagra location high above Lago di Bolsena.

Music and dancing under the stars.


I have also included here an excellent video from YouTube of Montefiascone to give you more of an idea of the locality.

Courtesy of mhanas


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all. That sunset over the water....... what I can I say, it is stunning. Diane

  2. Great place to be in. Loved the UTube presentation too. Thanks, almost as good as being there.

  3. What great pictures! This looks like a lovely evening.

  4. Sounds like fun!! Summertime is a great time for all these festivals, but I feel like I've missed most of them already. Good thing I'll be here for awhile, huh?? :D

  5. The best thing about Italy in summer is the festas and sagras. Sorry that it is August, only a month or so more of these wonderful nights eating out under the stars.

  6. Just fabulous! I haven't been able to check out much by the way of sagras for this summer, so I'm pushing to get at least a couple in before the season is over. Before you know it, it'll be chestnut season and another round of sagra fun!

  7. Diane - I knew you would appreciate the sunset :)

    Lakeviewer - It is a wonderful region, one day maybe you will see for yourself, meanwhile I will try to continue to share some of the beauty with you.

    Some Birds - One of many such fun evening this summer.

    Queenie Jeannie - Keep your eyes open for local Festas as loads to look forward to yet, mushrooms, chestnuts, olive oil, etc.

    Martha - I agree but I will pretend that you did not mention that summer is marching on :(

    Rowena - It sure will, but as you say still plenty to look forward to.


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