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Monday, August 23, 2010

Marta - Festa del Pescatore




Another summer weekend, another Festa to enjoy, this time the first weekend in August when my cousin S was staying with us it was Festa del Pescatore.  She certainly picked the right weekend with regards to having plenty to do as her first two evenings we had the Santa Marta celebrations  Santa Marta Festa and Santa Marta Firework Display then on her last evening the Montefiascone Wine Fiera started. I think she went home for a rest!

The venue this time was along side the lake in Marta in the park and as you can see from the flags was considered an international event. Table and chairs are set up under the trees along the lakeside, near the harbour and one of the local fish distribution companies provides the meals. For two consecutive evenings they cook a fish supper for anyone that cares to join the long queues that form. It is well worth the wait for the 10 Euro menu of local fish specialities.

This was actually a lot more appetising than it looks here!

Of course after the meal there was the musical entertainment and despite the fact it looks like the fans were the children, later on there were a lot of adults enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

I for once did not take many photos but if you want to see the full album it is on Flickr Marta - Festa del Pescatore

We certainly have found July and August very busy this year with all the various Festas and Sagras that we have participated in. With Ferragosto now over we have been able to find a little more time for just chilling out, which is precisely what we did over the weekend. It has really been too hot to want to do much else with temperatures up in the mid thirties once again so not much has been done in the way of the outside renovations, which will now have to wait for the cooler weather. Still it has been a perfect opportunity to catch up with our reading and spend many hours eating and drinking, as we joined  friends and neighbours for meals, culminating yesterday evening with Pizzas next door, made in their own forno. The one time I did not take my camera, we were given a close up demonstration of the whole process. We have been promised a repeat performance in the winter especially for me to take photos and write about.


I have just discovered that fellow Blogger Rowena has today given the thumbs up to the Viterbo region and in doing so kindly mentioned me. Do go and take a look to see what she has to say today about the region we are lucky enough to call home. 

Rubber Slippers in Italy

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  1. July and August are such busy months in Europe. It seems like everyone is on holiday and having a fiesta. We only seem to 'cool down' mid September. Great post as always. Diane

  2. I love how the festa was set up under the trees in that lovely park...and again I must say how much we enjoyed the province of Viterbo, even with the much too short allotment of 2 days! Hopefully we'll get to visit in the fall or better yet...during christmas season.

  3. Ahh, you see, if I was where you are right now, I probably wouldn't feel all autumnal ;-) It looks so inviting, summery and just as I'd imagine a warm summer evening with a party in Italy... August here has been mostly miserable, grey and rainy... Love from London x

  4. The party never ends in Marta! :-) I think Italians always use international flags at events just because they think they are pretty!

  5. Diane - Thanks for the compliment :) This year seems to have been extra busy for us, maybe as we are trying to work (on the house renovation) as well as play.

    Rowena - I am delighted you liked the Viterbo region, when we moved from the UK ,most people we told where we were moving to, had never heard of it.

    Mademoiselle P - Exactly but I cannot say too much about your weather versus ours when I comment on your blog can I :)

    Saretta - It certainly seems that way recently and more to tell you about yet. As for the flags, there I was thinking they were welcoming the stranieri tourists amongst the diners!

  6. Hey, it's one long festa out there!!! Fantastic - and I looked at the pictures of the fish and my mouth was watering!

  7. I love those long tables set up under the trees, and oh, I would certainly have enjoyed the fish meal along with all the extra goodies, and the wine and the music! No, me too I have not heard of the Viterbo area, but will try to learn more. Your hospitality there seems to be overwhelming!
    Thanks for coming to my blog. Did you read that Italy was the first country to set up the standards for "honourable tradesmenship"? Quite interesting!

  8. You were not exaggerating when earlier you said there were festivals most every weekend! Really sounds like a lot of fun. Beautiful location.
    The sign with the picture was interesting; how many people will fit in a boat safely?
    I liked the music on your Sunday post; easy listening.

  9. What a nice way to enjoy life! Food, music, outdoors, and friends. Beautiful!

  10. Maggie - It sure is :)

    Angela - Hopefully you will see and learn a little more about our beautiful region from my blog. I have not heard of 'honourable tradesmenship'! When was this?

    Mya - Especially during the summer months! I think that photo might have been edited don't you? Glad you enjoyed Sergio's music.

    Simony - It is lovely here especially in the summer months.

  11. Isn't it so wonderful the summer season whole year? My times die for! Two months full of festivals? Oh why am I here;) Save me Linda. I love your penning about daily routine and advices from your trips besides your sweet nature:)

    ps- by the way, did you know Istanbul is like an Italian base these days! Every corner of City is full of italian come for vacations and not turkish but melodic italian to resound:)

  12. Welcome to Mama's Little Nestwork! Come and visit throughout the week and comment on featured bloggers. Bloglove! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    Mama Hen

  13. Oh, what great summer events. I love these kinds of gatherings. Interacting with one another. It is almost like a BIG family reunion...children playing and screaming, food, music, and fireworks. Fabulous!

  14. What a lovely way to pass the time!! I have tried new foods every time we've gone out and have NEVER been disappointed! So delicious!! Which area are you in??

  15. Nihal - What kind words you have to say, thankyou. I had heard that turkey is a popular holiday resort with both the Italians and the Brtiish.

    Mama Hen - Welcome to my blog and I hope you will enjoy hearing about our life in Italy.

    Kimberly - Certainly is fun and for all age groups together.

    Jeannie - So glad you are settling in. We live in the Viterbo region on the Lago di Bolsena, just over an hour north of Roma.

  16. Always enjoy my visit..What a fun time for everyone. So nice to see what other places/countries are doing..Nice way to travel the globe..ha, ha..
    Have a great day..Rosebud/Carolyn

  17. Oh it all looks so festive! I can't wait to visit Italy one day. I'll keep trying to learn the language until that happens though :)

  18. What a wonderful setting! I adore these kinds of events. In Italy, they must be special indeed.

  19. Rosebud - Blogging for me as certainly proved a fun way to travel the world virtually. I am happy you enjoy what I share here, thankyou.

    Dorkys Ramos - Welcome to my blog and thankyou for commenting. I hope your visits here will inspire you to come to Italy. Have you noticed the Italian word of the day in the right hand column?

    Jennifer - Yes somehow they do seem special it must be just the way the Italians respond to such events.


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