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Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Foto - August Moon


Photograph taken one evening earlier this week whilst we were having supper on the terrace.

I wish you all a relaxed and happy weekend.


  1. Beautiful! (It's been raining here for two days!!!) Have a good weekend. Love, Maggie xxx

  2. That is beautiful. You have a good weekend also. I have visitors arriving Sunday for 10 days so I may be a bit quiet for a few days!! Diane

  3. Beautiful Linda!....don't cha just love full moons! Enjoy!

  4. Maggie - Hope it improves for the BH in the UK.

    Diane - Enjoy your guests and a break from Blogging.

    Pam - We will it is lovely to sit out in the evenings at the moment.

  5. Beautiful, just beautiful..I enjoy the sky and everything up there..Always brings me joy..
    What a wonderful way to enjoy the moon..having supper on the terrace..Sounds so wonderful..
    Happy weekend to you too..Rosebud/Carolyn

  6. Thank you for following my blog! I tried to follow you but something doesn't go right, Google is having hick ups? I'll try later again. We travelled via Venice, and Pisa to Sardinië, beautiful island! I will read along with the book blog. I love your moon picture!
    Have a good weekend,

  7. Hello there, I have a blog award for you at Mom-a-Logues. Stop by to pick it up.


    Have a great weekend :)

  8. So beautiful! The next full moon I will see from the coast of the Mediterranean (in Spain!)

  9. Yes, a beautiful photo. Hope you have a great weekend, too.

  10. Bellissima serata! Ciao e buon fin di settimana.

  11. What a picture! What a great camera! I love this photo! Have a super weekend!

    Mama Hen

  12. Dawn - Dawn I am truly touched that you should consider awarding me 'The Blog With Substance Award' I feel honoured that you consider it worthy but this is also the reason I have decided recently that it is not right for me to accept such awards. I feel that they detract from the whole idea of my blog which is about our life in Italy and occasionally elsewhere. My apologies and I hope you understand and do not think I am a spoilsport. Maybe I should put a note about my feelings on my sidebar. I will continue to support as many bloggers out there as I possibly can but in my own way :)

  13. Rosebud - The sky is also one of my favourite aspects of Nature, I take so many sunset photos. So glad you are enjoying the blog, good to see you here again, have a good weekend :)
    Daydream Living - Sardinia is one of favourite places, but then so is all of Italy, that I have seen. I have had problems myself with following but it seems to be only temporary, I usually find leave it awhile go back and all fine, minds of their own these computers!!
    Laura - Enjoy your trip to Spain.
    Welshcakes - Thanks you too, icecream treat time again?
    Lakeviewer - Si una bellissima serata.
    Mama Hen - Glad you like it, have a great weekend yourself.

  14. The last couple of nights we have been able to see Mars next to the moon @ the Jersey Shore!
    Jennifer aka Gigi

  15. Jennifer - Yes we have been able to see it from Italy also, fabulous view last night. Welcome to my blog, thankyou so much for commenting and hope to see you here again.

  16. Have a fantastic week end, my dear and thank you for your welcome back message!

  17. This is so special!!! I love that we're looking at the same beautiful moon. Thank you for sharing this special image. – g

  18. Mara - A pleasure, thanks for calling by :)

    Georgianna - Thanks, nature and the world is amazing when you stop and take time to look, a fact I know that you appreciate :)

  19. Ahhh, heaven!! Lovely photo!

    I now wish we had waited a bit longer to maybe have found a house on the economy. I'm already sick of American families and their loud, bratty kids!!!!

  20. Unkown Mami - Thankyou kindly.

    Jeannie -Thanks, Maybe, maybe not, some Italian neighbours can be just as bad, although we have been lucky, as we are in the countryside we are not in that close a proximity.

  21. Beautiful photo.

  22. Thank you for visiting me today on my sits day!
    You are living my dream. I have dreamed about going to Italy once the girls are gone. Maybe I will just have to live the adventure through you!!

  23. Carol - Thankyou

    Love the Decor - It was a pleasure to visit you and thankyou for calling by, becoming a follower and commenting here so much appreciated. I hope one day like us you will the cahnce to realise your dream meanwhile happy to share our adventure with you through this blog.


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