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Monday, August 9, 2010

Tuscania - Sunday Stroll


We have enjoyed another summer weekend here in Marta, where our little town is now bustling with holiday makers. There was lots going on here over the weekend which I will be telling you all about here in due course.

At the moment I am still catching up with photos taken over the last few weeks still to share with you.

A couple of Sundays ago while our younger daughter A and her boyfriend M were here we took a Sunday morning stroll  around the nearby town of Tuscania.

Tuscania coat of arms

Just ten minutes or so form Marta, Tuscania is a larger town with a walled historic centre (centro storico) and it is photos of the centro storico that I am posting here today.  I always take far too many photos, so if you are interested in seeing more check out my most recent collection of Tuscania photographs in My Flickr album entitled Tuscania Sunday Stroll


Church of Santa Maria della Rosa

Piazza Mazzini, the pink palazzo is where we rented an appartment for three months when we first moved to Italy.

Montascide Fontana in Piazza Mazzini dates from 17C but was renovated in the 18C.

Piazza Bastianine also known as Piazza Duomo because of the Cathedral of Giacomo.

Close up of the 17C fountain of San Giacomo


In the distance through the park gates can be seen the Basilica of San Pietro

Ruins of Rivellino Castle as seen from the park.

Fountain of the Sette Cannelle is the oldest public fountain in Tuscania dating from the early 14C.

Well I hope you enjoyed your tour of Tuscania as seen through the lens of my camera, I have only shared twelve photos and the album has a total of fifty-six if you want to explore the town in more detail, Tuscania Sunday Stroll    

If you are interested in learning more facts you can always visit Tuscania - Wikipedia or Tuscania Official Website sorry but I think the latter site is only available in Italian.


  1. That's a great shot of the fountain, Linda. Looks like a lovely day out - I am sighing a little right now at the fact that I'm in rainy England rather than sunny Italy!

  2. What a wonderful tour and an insight to Tuscania. All the photos are great and I love that cobbled road. Diane

  3. Nice! I particularly like the views of the castle and the park.

  4. Lovely stroll! There is so much history at every corner, in every town, that visitors are easily entertained. Hope your weather is supporting all these outdoor activities.

  5. What a wonderful place to visit! I love all the colour and the beautiful detail on all the buildings. It must be so inspiring to live nearby. Looks like the good weather is with you. :)

  6. Katja - We go here often as it is only ten minutes from us. As you can tell from the number of photos I took I like the place a lot. The fountain shot is my current favourite. How long are you in the UK for?

    Diane - Most of the towns around here still have cobbled streets, looks nice but not easy to walk on in elegant shoes, although the young Italian women seem to manage.

    Saretta - It was that park that kept us sane when we lived in an appartment in Tuscania.

    Lakeviewer - There sure is, another stroll another town still to come and yes the weather has been more settled at last.

    NeilandSusan - Lots of painting opportunities if only I had the talent, my grandfather was an artist, but the gene skipped me.

  7. Wonderful photos, the twin balcony shot is my favourite. Italy is such a gorgeous country and the little towns are great to explore, you've really captured the beauty of that place.

  8. Gorgeous photos! You make the walk look so inviting.

  9. Jenny and Jennifer - It is great to see you both here and thanks so much for your comments which are appreciated.

  10. You are so lucky to be able see such beauty and history like this Linda. That fountain in Tuscania is spectacular! I can't wait to visit Italy one day.

    Best wishes until next time,

  11. Yes very very lucky to be living in such a beautiful place, which I do appreciate and this is why I enjoy sharing a little bit of it with you all.
    I do hope you will one day be able to come to Italy, as I hope to come to Australia.

  12. Hi Linda.. don't know how I missed this post ... a beautiful place to go , thanks for sharing with us .. :-)

  13. Yes, it is where Cathy from Chocolate Brick lives and only ten minutes from us. Maybe you will get to see for yourself one day?

  14. Wow, interesting article and blog, I hope you enjoy living in Italy. I have a blog about our region and there is an article about Tuscania, if you want to take a look (it's in Italian).


  15. Thankyou, very much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I have written quite a few posts that mention Tuscania, which you can use the search facility on the sidebar to find if you are interested in reading them. I love living in Italy and I will certainly be visiting your blog, hope to see you here again.


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