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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Festa del Villano - Marta


On the 24th and 25th of July Marta celebrated the tenth Festa del Villano, the workers of the land, with food, gastronomic stands and music.

This event is organised by the festival committee of the major Marta festa of the Madonna del Monte that is held on May 14th every year which I posted about if you missed this post it is definitely worth taking a look at  Festa della Madonna del Monte or  My Flickr Album

On these two evenings it was possible to enjoy supper in the open air and we took our daughter A and her boyfriend M along on the Sunday evening to experience another typically local event.  The musical entertainment that evening was provided by a group called 'BeeLive' who gave a reasonable performance of amongst other music some Robbie Williams numbers which I particularly enjoyed.

Of course the food was the highlight of the evening and was wholesome peasant fare of pasta, beans with pork fat rinds, grilled sausages and chips with to finish pears and cheese with of course local wine available for those of us that desired it.  This was maybe not ones idea of a fine dining supper but it was certainly tasty and the evening was good fun.

Fotografia A Marta si festeggia il Villano

The funds raised from this event are used to help maintain the church of Our Lady Madonna del Monte that overlooks the town and has been the destination of pilgrims for many years.







I did not take many photos that evening but I have shared a few here and the rest can be viewed in

My Flickr Album - Festa del Villano  I have also included a video taken by a recent contact of mine, thanks Tony.

Villano's day 2010, organized by Martha Vt Proloco and the Madonna del Monte Festa Committee

courtesy of webtony1


Artwork and dancing were also part of the entertainment.

Some of the chefs.

Grub up!



Another evening of simple but enjoyable entertainment that the Italians do so well.


  1. What a fun evening! And yes, the Italians do it so well. It seems you have a very full schedule of events, festas and celebrations. The sense of community must be wonderful. Have a great weekend! – g

  2. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Oh what a beautiful celebration. Thank you for taking me along. I will have to go back this evening and view the video. (they don't come through on my work computer.)

    The food looks so delicious. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. What better entertainment than a band outdoors in the open air, with good friends and great food.

    I love that orange cart with the baskets in it. That is just beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing sweet friend. Wish I could have attended as well.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  3. It looks like everybody had a really good time. The food looks very inviting. Diane

  4. Georgianna - They certainly do and in the summer especially there seem to be sagras and festas going on in all the local villages and towns every weekend.

    Country Wings - It is lovely to welcome you back and have you attending if only in spirit. I guess you are feeling much better if you are back at work?

    Diane - The food was actually delicious and much better than it sounded from the menu! I was unsure about the pork fat, but it worked with the beans.

  5. I'm not a big fan of festas because I hate the crowds, but this one doesn't look too crowded. The food looks great, all we get at our big festa here is pork sandwiches! LOL!

  6. Fun, Fun, Fun....that's what is so cool about your blog! Keep it up! Enjoy the stars!

  7. Wow Linda .. another fun night out, just look at all the people that attended .. the Italians certainly do know who to bring the people together :-)

  8. Simple fare, simple pleasures .... just can't be beat.

  9. It seems that they go all out for these festivals. Must be a lot of fun, and a good way to meet others. At least visitors will always have something to do.
    Yes, I saw your St. Lawrence post; you got yours posted before I did. I gave up trying to find a good film about it, and today I saw an interesting clip on another blog. She got it from Youtube, but I never saw it there.
    There was so much information on Lawrence, but was trying to stay on track with the meteors.

  10. Saretta - I know what you mean about crowds, especially at processions or firework displays! However there seems to be so much going on around here in the summer months that people stick mainly to their own localities, apart from tourists, so as Marta is only a small town these events are fun, busy but not over crowded.

    Pam - Thanks, winter will be a let down I think!

    Anne - Yes still a great sense of community here.

    Bev - Hi how are you? I must pop over your blog and see what you have been up to recently. I agree with your comment, it is one of the things we enjoy about life here.

    Mya - Always plenty for tourists to enjoy, this year mainly Dutch and Germans visiting the region. I still have not seen any shooting stars this year, have you?


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