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Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Foto - August Blue


 Also posting this photo to Beautiful World today.


 Lago di Bolsena


Update on Dishwasher situation, as already mentioned here the engineer arrived two weeks ago today at exactly 8.30am as promised. That was the last we have seen of him since then, as apparently he is still waiting for the replacement part. Having been told it would be a few days or a week at the most we waited patiently. The date mentioned came and went and a phone call to the engineer has informed us that they are still awaiting delivery of the new part!

Frustrating but we must be patient, nothing much happens quickly in Italy especially in the summer and as it is August now, the factory that makes the parts is probably closed anyway.


  1. Think my last comment went AWOL!!
    That sky is so blue.

    France is much the same, everything is slow and in July and August it does not happen at all!. Diane

  2. The sky that I would like to see, instead of the dull grey one we have at the moment ..

    Oh dear looks like it will be September before it is fixed ... :-(

  3. Diane - Exactly why I posted this shot to day I find it just so unbelievably blue! Colours here are so much more intense than in the UK. I suppose it is much the same in your region of France?

    Anne - Sorry to rub it in Anne, this was earlier in the week and it does not look like this today. I fear you may be right about the Dishwasher repair :(

  4. Wow, These last few posts have me itching to go somewhere. I wish I were not so effected by my surroundings, but the truth is, I am.
    The colors, the architecturally rich buildings, history, water, mountains, music you have it all.
    Excuse me, I am going to go brood for a while.

  5. Fer'Agosto is most definitely a frustrating time in Italy. Sorry to hear your dishwasher is on the fritz.

    The photo is fabulous and every time I visit your site I'm always sad that I can't be in Italy. My body is in Canada, but my heart and my roots are in Italy. I long to be there. Thank goodness for your blog - you always make me smile and pea green with envy too.

  6. Right now I'm reading Eat Pray Love and dreaming of Italy. Even before the book I wanted to go to Italy. You're so lucky.

  7. I love the color of the sky with that blue chair in the foreground.

    Sorry about the dishwasher.

  8. Mya - Until you can cure that itch, I will happily continue to share with you the surroundings that I am lucky enough to have around me :)

    H and W - Mirella, August is definitely the month to reflect and take life slowly. I am very happy that I can make you smile and give you some insight into the country where you feel your roots are. I am sure you will get here one day if that is your dream. Actually I would really love to visit Canada, maybe someday.

    Damaris - Welcome, lovely to see a new name here and hope you visit often, good for the dreams! Yes we are very lucky to be here and truly appreciate it.

    Unknown Mami - The colour is just so intense. As for the dishwasher, not important :)

  9. You really do have to have patience in Italy...especially in August! Love the photos in this post, and all the previous posts by the way. Just catching up!

  10. I hope you haven't had company lately!That can be challenging without a dishwasher.
    The photo of the beach is beautiful. I love the contrast against that lovely blue sky! Have a wonderful weekend! Susan :)

  11. I bet the engineer's on the beach with his family too.

    Great photo.

  12. What an enchanting lake! And that sky is from a dream. I love seeing these glimpses of your area. Is this far from where you live? Thanks so much for your visits and comments. I really hope your engineer comes through soon, but I do know how it gets in August – verrry slowwww. Have a beautiful weekend!

  13. What a beautiful spot..so clear and blue..
    I laughed about the dishwasher part..a friend of mine lived abroad and said, you have to have patience for many things..not like in America..
    Hope you get it fixed soon..
    Have a great day..

  14. I love all the blues in that photo - the chair, the sky, the sea... looks beautiful.

    I hope your spare part arrives soon!

  15. Love this photo! Thanks for telling me about your Foto Friday feature. What a coincidence that we both did blue themes this week. :-) I just added you to my Blogroll (finally!) and will give a shout out to your Foto Friday next week.

  16. Great minds think alike Laura. I have been doing this since March, not sure why I have only just noticed that you have done this as well.
    Thanks for adding me to the evergrowing Blogroll of Italy blogs.

  17. Rachel - Thanks Rachel, it was the blue chair that made it I think.

    Rosebud - We are lucky to live so very close to this beautiful spot.

    Georgianna - delighted you enjoying sharing our little bit of Italy, the lake is just a few
    minutes away from our house and can even be glimpsed from upstairs.

    Travelingsuep - He is!

    NeilandSusan - We have had guests and will be having more before it is repaired, but hey it is only washing up!! One must be grateful for other things such as living here:)

    Leanne - Glad you like my photos, I take far too many.

    Update on the dishwasher, we had a phone call yesterday from the engineers office. They are still awaiting the replacement part and yes you guessed the factory is closed until September for holidays.


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