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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Song - Paola and Chiara


Image courtesy of : http://www.tuttoperinternet.it/musica/italiani/Paola_Chiara.htm

Paola & Chiara are a pop and dance music duo consisting of two sisters born in Milan, Italy and are a little different from the more recent Sunday Song artists I have featured previously as these two young ladies are often referred to as Italy's Sexy Pop Stars.   Chiara Iezzi was born on 27 February 1973, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Paola Iezzi was born on 30 March 1974, with dark hair and a darker complexion.  I think that this first song that I have included is particularly reminiscent of hot August nights, parties and Italian beach music. 'Vamos a Bailar'- 'Let's Dance'  which last summer was declared the most popular single of the last two decades.

Paola & Chiara - Vamos a Bailar - Let's Dance

Italian Version

Courtesy of  Onikimaru

Paola & Chiara - Vamos a Bailar - Let's Dance - Sung mainly in English


Courtesy of Rafeker


Clicca qui per scoprire le date!


Paola e Chiara - Summer Tour 2010 Official Promo video - "Pioggia d'Estate"  "Summer Rains" the new single


The information reproduced here is courtesy of My Space - Paola and Chiara with a few tweaks to the language translation by me.

Sisters, singers, song writers, and producers of their disks, Paola & Chiara made themselves known to the public by winning the 1997 Sanremo Festival in the “new artists” category with 'Amici come Prima', a song composed by them, quickly becoming the Italian pop revelation of the year. At the same time, their first album, 'Ci Chiamano Bambine', was released. That same year, they opened the only Italian date on the Michael Jackson tour at the San Siro stadium in Milan. They participated at Festivalbar with their summer single 'Bella'.

In the autumn/winter of 1997/98, they went on their first real tour: 20 dates in the most famous Italian rock clubs, accompanied by their band. In February 1998, they again performed at the Sanremo Festival,  presenting their song 'Per Te'. That November their second album 'Giornata Storica' was released, which had as its leading single 'Non Puoi Dire di No'.

In 2000 their third album, 'Television', was released, anticipated by the single 'Vamos a Bailar (Esta Vida Nueva)', a platinum disk that took victory at Disco per l'estate and Festivalbar and had an enormous international success; the song literally took a trip around the world. From Television came three other singles: 'Amoremidai', 'Viva el Amor' and 'Fino alla Fine'.

In 2002 Paola and Chiara returned with their single 'Festival', that quickly took 1st place on the radio charts. The single anticipated the release of their fourth album, 'Festival'. That autumn 'Hey', the second single, was released.

Paola and Chiara returned with the song 'Kamasutra' in 2003, third and last single from the Festival album. The highly talked about video that accompanied the song was censored by almost all of the television stations for its erotic content. It did, however, become a success on the web, and was downloaded by more than a million users, during the summer of 2003.

In 2004, 'Blu' was released, their fifth album, and the year later their first Greatest Hits, which contained Paola and Chiara's greatest successes, was released.

After almost 2 years of absence, dedicated to research and some personal projects, Paola & Chiara Iezzi returned, in 2007, with the release of their first album in English, 'Win the Game'. It was their first album to be completely produced by the newly founded independent label of Paola & Chiara Iezzi: Trepertre Music. The project has a pop-dance sound, with new wave inspirations, and contains collaborations with some of the most famous DJs of the international scene. The single that anticipated the album was 'Second Life', while the one that accompanied the arrival of autumn was 'Cambiare Pagina'. The entire project supported, through its sales, the Raising Malawi association, that supports the orphan babies of Malawi. In 2008, Paola & Chiara released 'Vanity & Pride' as the last single from 'Win the Game'.

In the summer of 2009, to celebrate the success of 'Vamos a Bailar', which was declared as the lead summer single of the last two decades, an EP called 'Emozioni' was released digitally on iTunes platform.

In 2010 Paola & Chiara are ready to release their new studio album, due to be released this autumn. The first single released at the end of July is 'Pioggia d'Estate' which is available to download on iTunes. 

More biographical and career information can be found about the girls on both Wikipedia - Paola and Chiara and on their Official Website.


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Buono Domenica Tutti


  1. Linda. I really liked the song Vamos a bailer when it came out, thanks so much for sharing this today. I have not been in touch with much information from the local Italian music scene so I had no idea that Paola and Chiara have a new song. You have made my Sunday.

  2. These songs are great-very catchy tunes and they have lovely voices. I will make sure that Maddy comes to visit you to listen to them too.

    Thanks for sharing these songs and for linking up Linda!

    Best wishes for a wonderful week,

  3. Cathy - I listen to the radio,often via Sky, while doing that boring chore known as ironing, to get my inspiration. Delighted to update you on the current pop scene :)

    Natasha - They are rather fun songs aren't they.

  4. I really enjoyed this, Linda. I have a particular fondness for Italian pop music, fostered during two long business trips to Reggio Emilia in 1996. The project involved a lot of late nights, which we got through by drinking espresso hand delivered by the local cafe (no take out cups!) and listening to Radio Reggio. The day before I left, I went to the music store and stocked up on CDs, including the San Remo concert, but I think it was from 1995 or 1996, so I just missed these girls. I can see why they are very popular!

  5. Georgianna - Hopefully the Sunday Song feature will continue to rekindle some Italian pop music memories for you.


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